The Clarion Call of 2020

What a very strange year! We basically spent the year running from a cold. In that attempt we exposed nursing homes for the prisons they are, the health care system for the cookie cutter doctors that had been promoted and educated by a corporate poisoning system called Big Pharma,  but not all doctors, some had the heart but not the education. Most doctors were caught as unawares as the public because nobody would ever expect such a wholesale slaughter of people to take place under the mask of healing… Nor would anybody expect the outside world to look like an ICU ward with masks and gloves everywhere! 

Nor did the public expect the not so subtle plan to frighten all the cool-aid drinkers into utter submission: fear turned into a political issue! Then came the lock-down of the entire world: Fear creating the prison bars, enclosing the populace. Fear used to make people perform clever tricks while jumping through hoops of regulations that were masquerading as laws. It made us all painfully aware that we did not know the difference between a regulation and a law, and when we could enact civil disobedience versus a crime. This brought out ALL the petty dictators and we became pitifully aware of The Piss-POOR job we had done in electing our local governments!

When we finally became aware of a net­work of crime and power that went through not only our big institutions, but also our local officials, we then had to elect a president. The current one was hated for deregulating and breaking up the worst offenders of this global hegemony on the large scale, was re-elected and the crime network on the local level then retaliated by cheating, because they all knew he was coming after them next. Who knew how much control came from local heads of government? Who knew that some really rotten apples, especially if you wanted to hide out, were safely ensconced at the local level?

The Nation spoke and the tentacles of the local government suppressed our Voices, so now, our real president has to fight the cheating and scammers to assert his right as a fully elected president to the country.

That, has been 2020: the wake up call. The Clarion call to gather up our voices of collective power and take back our country and all we love about it!

It has been made Very Obvious that the real power exists on a LOCAL level, with US. Where we enact policy that strengthens our neighborhoods and feeds our children and supports our aging population. LOCAL HANDS ON policy. And we have allowed the true scum of the world, petty dictator types to sneak in and subvert our neighborhoods without even a single peep, in most cases – but not all. 

Wake up now, or bear the consequences of your own inaction for the next generation, at the least. We have a slim margin within which to cut this cancer of control out and we MUST act NOW! If the whole purpose of this debacle of a year was to wake us up, it hasn’t worked as well as it should have: there will be a something else – another ‘shock’ to the system of humans. Expect it. No, this hasn’t been an overt war of the type like world-war 2 with the massive use of projectiles and bombs and the loss of life and real estate, unless you look at the profound poisoning of the world population by Big Pharma, the use of fear to create a new social pattern, and the profound damage it has created to all human life on the planet, all to usher in a new paradigm of prison bars under which the human race has basically capitulated. Then, it becomes clear, we have been rounded up and put in concentration camps, lock stock and barrel and didn’t even notice. 

Voila! We have this whole charade we called 2020.

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