Interlinked Innernet


Yellow folders on a black background.

Every major app idea spawns many other apps to manage it for the people, like FB, Twitter and You Tube. These programs have thousands of folders inside them. Folders are like space. Open a folder and you have a galaxy inside. Sub folders of star groups and in those folders, star folders, and inside those folders planetary folders etc. Folders are a space that has time. Outside of those folders there is no time, just organizational structure. 

So there is a database of creation that holds these folders, and to open one is to gaze at time moving. Data is stored information which has no time or action until you enter/open the folder. The data base for earth is huge, at a point where it is too large for the operating system, which is about to fail unless it gets an upgrade into a quantum system. A quantum system would be where the system’s power is increased by the amount of information and type of organization in it. In the past, the system has been re-booted, but this time a quantum upgrade is being attempted. 

This data base has two major operating systems, and just like the apps and their managing apps, these managing apps have grown larger. They have increased the complexity of the Earth folder and add to the disorganization. This is why an interlocking operating system is needed, a new organizing principle, one capable of handling all the data and systems exploding out of the inception point that began with the internet. One that is relationally organic in function allowing instantaneous connection between folders in a fractally webbed system. This connection would allow simultaneous reorganization outside of time with out loss of any data with in the discrete folders, and yet connect every one of them through an innernet instead of a inter(between)net. This would allow the earth folder to continue without catastrophic data loss into a greater more functional cross-folder functionality to a more stable operating system.

I’ve been slightly (ha!) tired of the metaphysical gobbledygook language creeping into idea structures that need a better and more modern functional vocabulary. Lol. So I got this dream.

I guess it’s the next level metaphor (meta: of a creative work, referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential) for our time.

Some people have quite the sense of humor, all I can say!

Ps. I have a feeling that those folders are quantum singularities…?

A very inelegant rant.

I am wrestling with the concept of God and the second coming and the current politics: The They would have you believe that we are at that point. But are we, really? Very wrongly, IMO we have combined political rhetoric and spirituality. So many people I have listened to recently have used the verbiage, the words that essentially say that ‘God applies pain to awaken us to Him’. Well, stop right there, maybe the old testament god,  but not the god that Jesus taught us about.


Maybe an “alien-god”, but not The God. (the real one) There is no path to the real (Capitol letter G) God through violence. Only deep peace can get you there. The peace that passes all understanding. 


BECAUSE this has turned into a black-and-white-War, between Good-and-Evil, we are all using that format (however flawed it is) to look at the discernment of the current political mess because it now has in itself, in its language, evoked biblical archetypes with words like ‘Satan’, ‘God’, Christians, etc. (Somebody wants to rev it up to that level… as in once again we are being played)

Since WHEN in this Country, our America, DO WE MIX RELIGION & POLITICS? We are Supposed to SEPARATE Church and State, PER The FIRST AMENDMENT to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, paraphrased from Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Separation Between Church and State’. Allowing each person the freedom of heart to follow their own personal guidance to God – and not to be forced by the state to give up the freedom of their inner heart, or give up hearing and following the calling of their God. To say, or even imply, that God will hurt (?) you to get your attention – to imply that we have not suffered enough to deserve Gods’ attention and love, is wrong. God’s Grace is given freely:

Grace, on the other hand is an unearned, asked for favor, love or help accessed through faith, in belief in another, out of the word faith :Old English biddan “to ask, beg, pray,” German bitten “to ask.” 

grace (n.). late 12c., “God’s unmerited favor, love, or help,” from Old French grace “pardon, divine grace, mercy; favor, thanks; elegance, virtue”

To imply that the intent of God is Violence,  IS TO BE SEVERELY MISLED.

And, IMO is the voice of something else. I would caution you all to pay attention to the language being used, the intent underneath the words used, the simple implications of what is being said to you by some of the so called “patriots” you listen to and – because this war has gone from political to spiritual it is time to consider anyone – regardless of WHO they are, suspect if they try they tell you that you need suffer IN ANY WAY To Know GOD, or to have God’s intervention and Grace. Because that is a LIE!

The only way you come to know God and feel his grace in your heart is through:


(So, if it isn’t peaceful, then its not God. If it’s not God, then it’s….?  Hmmm?)

Trees, Tribes and Togetherness

Most everybody-regardless of education at one time or another, thinks about themselves in relation to their environment, or the bigger purpose, or the world. Where they fit and how they fit, even if it is only in context of their own family. I guess “context” is the key word. It’s maybe the first spiritual “thought” question they have. 

It continues on from there with observance of relatedness: how do I fit, where do I fit… and WHY do I fit? Most stop before the WHY part. But some don’t. Some think in ever widening circles into the macro world: ever larger groups, until they ask the question of the planet. It wasn’t until recently that people could find connections wider than their geographical position. 

Interestingly enough, social media has made the question of “where and with whom do I fit?” much easier to answer. But its still about where do I fit in? Who are my TRIBE? The answer to that is a question of coherence.

Stickiness or coherence seems to be a natural impulse. We see it in nature all the time. Organic life is arranged such that intelligence grows into larger more organized units thus promoting easier and better survival in greater numbers. Trees do it through the ground via fungus. Plants do it in groups to protect from invading infestations of bugs. People are no different. Cohesion is the great organizing principle. All life organizes as one great body: each system interdependent on the other for the good of the entirety. In that manner one can imagine the earth as one entity. We are perfectly made to be her eyes and ears – her hands and feet and all service her purpose the same way our hands & feet service us. (do hands and feet like being hands and feet? Has anyone ever asked them?)

When we ask the question where do I fit past the tribal level, we run smack into the larger intelligence of the earth. (She might be trying to give birth to us. Do you blame her?) 

What I noticed this summer, when people were locked down, was a unique coming together of families and neighborhoods – people on my block, actually talked to each other. We came out, walked our dogs got to know each other & each others pets and children. Children formed play-units ( I remember the laughter of roving bands of kids outside in the summer playing till dark, running the backyards and having a ball) Friendships were made that in the 10 years of living here had never been made before. I met people whom I didn’t know and had never seen before. (I like them!) Cohesion. It is a strong natural urge. We can’t help ourselves.

(we still only live in the 3 lower chakras: 1) survival 2) tribe 3) group cohesion)

Interesting that; if you cut us off from our larger associations by limiting our travel, we create new connections closer to home.

(Something bothered me about Simon Parkes 2 updates yesterday. He, in the very essence of his talks underneath the subject, was really talking about being different and better than.)

Where I noticed that this summer: race, religion and belief structures didn’t matter. We were just people together with families and pets we loved. That was our cohesion. Love.

So, I wonder at the importance of that cohesion point – what we gather For matters. This summer brought back a very basic principle to the people. Tolerance for customs (traditions) and recognition of the love of family. Putting: This is who I love, and This is why I love them, to the forefront – not ideologies.

But then, because of the elections ALL of the IDEOLOGIES were trotted out and because those ideologies were considered the framework upon which our ability to love and keep safe our family unit was based, people fought. 

However, what this country promised from its inception was:

The ability to live in peace regardless of: 


Meaning FREEDOM of

  • Thought 
  • Class
  • Education.
  • Speech
  • creativity 
  • productivity
  • Ability to LOVE whomever you chose to.

That’s why we were considered a Melting Pot. We were the great experiment that said we can all live together without conforming. Simple ideas of tolerance & the freedom to love.

When did we forget? 

When did we become exactly what we were running from: intolerance and heavy handed rulership and conformance of MIND? 

How could we have forgotten?


All of One Mind… Were we anywhere close to being in that state of agreement… the power would be immense! Or, as Christ said, “When two or more are gathered…”

Finally I woke up with the deepest peace, slept deeply and feel good. 

What is it about this place, the earth and us, that makes this place so interesting to so many? We are such a surging sea of energy that can and does get out of hand, out of control so very easily. When a crowd gets together its like we build a bigger mind. You have the troublemakers: the errant thoughts that you say no to. You have the peacemakers: the thoughts you use to guide you. But mostly you have the curious: just there to see, observe what happens, for the experience. Then you have the one great idea that brought all the people out in the first place. 

The point is though, that when we are all in proximity to each other, we act like one brain, almost. With the strongest mind, or set of minds controlling the overriding behaviour of the crowd. Unless, like at church, we are all in agreement to listen or follow one person, or at a concert etc. where the focus is united.

How is it that we do this? What other superpowers do we have together as a crowd? We are coherent at the point of many minds especially focused on one thing. Coherence is organized awareness, like any system aggregation:

  • Energy 
  • Plasma
  • Cells
  • Organs or organ systems in any living thing 
  • “Forests”
  • Biomes 

Any system gains function with coherence.

Coherence is: the quality of forming a unified whole. It’s literally the state of stickiness or cleaving of one thing to another.

Latin: Com= together, + haerere: to stick, adhere


Coherence is being… sticky. So when attraction happens so does intelligence multiply. This increases Consciousness. We have now understood that this is a natural function of a crowd because our hearts & minds give off an electromagnetic field large enough that they touch-combine and the crowd acts as one organism. But in a focused group of meditative people (meditation brings the mind naturally into coherence) we don’t even have to be within geographical nearness to each other and we can effect change. The studies are out there.

However a smart person sometime ago figured out that if you manipulate many minds at once: and this takes a tool, like the internet, TV or radio, that the mind can form a very BIG coherence – and people will respond as one (like nations) so long as their hearts are in agreement – and that the more minds & hearts in agreement the more coherence you have, the more creative power you have. We all form a very big unit. This unit is extremely powerful. And recently has been USED by TPTB to disorganize the human race and keep them powerless.

We have been subverted recently by confusion, disorganization and having our chains yanked. How are they doing this? Through the use of the internet and our addiction to the information coming through the screens we all use in daily life – our phones, computers, tablets and any other device that hooks up to their broadcast media, which they have used to hook our minds into their system of thought. Please realize that any and all groups are infiltrated to protect against any real form of cohesion happening around any one person or idea. This is imperative to them, because should we reach a quorum, they cannot touch us. So their goal is to fractionalize us and keep us that way. That is why they have dismantled the church, families and any other form of people groups where a quorum could be reached. They yank our chains, they squirrel us, they distract us, divide us and they make sure nobody agrees on anything! I don’t know about you but, I’m tired of having my chain being jerked all the time. I personally want to yell “Back off!” I’m not a puppet – I will not dance to any one else’s tune except my own and I will decide what that is.

Since I became aware of this, I have been much better, clearer and seen a bit more into the puppet strings we all have attached to us. Not that I’ve been able to see WHO is really jerking my chain, but I almost don’t have to because once I was aware I quit letting it happen. I quit letting them use emotional black-mail to get to me. I quit obsessively watching and consuming the blather on the screen and feeding myself a constant diet of Bullshit. 


We have been so involved in this admittedly HIGH Risk game, that we have forgotten it is a game, and thereby LOST all our power in the game. We have to pull our collective heads out of our collective ass, once again.



There is an effort a foot to confuse the general populace, the patriots, the deep thinkers, the financial analysts, the deep state and the…well, everybody, as to what is actually happening – and no, I have no clue except that I perceive the pattern of ‘confustication’. Somebody knows because this is somebody’s plan. And even they aren’t 100% sure how we all will react and what the greatest group outcome will be…

I had a dream the other night about a governance system that included every last human on the planet weighing in on policy and programs to keep the earth running and us living in harmony. We all voted and we all had a say but it was telepathic and no one could put in the ‘fix’ on anything. The weight of human consciousness made the shifts and created policy. We were our own government – Every. Last. One. Of. Us!

Then I woke up and realized we had about a thousand years worth of growth ahead of us before anything like that could ever occur. Sigh. 

I bring this up because there is a source to our current confusion. Obviously this source must exist in a planning capacity that is global. Maybe even bigger than that. There is an answer for everybody’s ideation, and everybody’s dream and right now it feels as if the point of the exercise is to keep us quiescent and waiting for our particular version of the best out come to appear. Does anybody see the flaw in this line of reasoning? Being the rebel I am, it immediately makes me want to get up and take action, investigate and figure this out because it feels like the whole thing has just slid sideways in a handbasket. 

And where I wanted to say so much more – there’s too much to elucidate – on purpose, I’m quite sure.

Something’s up. Something’s way wrong. I’m feeling it in my bones.

“Watson! The game’s afoot and there is no time to waste!”


Confusion is the precursor to growth of any kind. It’s the reconfiguring of information into a higher order of understanding.

I was listening to 107 on Mike Jaco’s show yesterday- 107 let it spill that Biden will be inaugurated. Saying that not enough ppl are awake. (1)

Then Cliff High was talking about Jan. 20th as a solar-energy from space sort of thing. WooWoo. His kind. (2)

There is always the alien invasion card like Randy Kramer talked about: because there were rumors of actual war w/ CCP so, this is the next step in his report. (in my blog may 2020: NOW) (3)

Here is Randy Cramer’s time line that he talked about in recent interviews. I’m not sure why that has stuck with me – but it has.

  1. Virus
  2. Civil war ( we are piss poor at that – all we want is peace)
  3. Super Power war (we don’t want that either)
  4. Alien invasion
    1. Blame it all on them
    2. Limited air to ground action
    3. Excuse to get rid of all the underground bases
    4. Will be with an insectoid race (who are our friends and bc hive mind, when the die they are not lost they are just reborn)
    5. To get people to focus on a planetary level
    6. And…. Bring out some of the ‘big tech’
  5. New aliens arrive who are very human to ‘help’
  6. We win
    1. We break through the glass ceiling on three important points
      1. ET embargo
      2. Trade embargo (with rest of the solar system and other places)
      3. Consciousness embargo

(this new editor in word press is idiotic and doesn’t know outline format.. scuze the mess but it was the only way to structure it available to a nonpaying blogger)

And…I wouldn’t put it past Trump to have one more ace up his sleeve. 

(all night I dreamt of TV detectives lots of them, they kept walking past me. The last one before I awoke was Kojak: “Who loves ya baby?”)  

Its been obvious the entire power structure of the U.S. is pretty rotten to the core since the last real (18th) president of the US when it all went corporate… 

For about 3-4 days I’ve known that Trump wouldn’t win because if the objective was to wake ppl up, we are not there yet. Cliff High thinks whatever energies that are coming in on the 20th will create a Vast Chaos. 107 says the ppl have not ‘suffered’ enough. The CIA has released a huge doc. dump on UFO’s… These issues have always been intertwined. To me, it looks like proj. Blue Beam is a go – but with real aliens so that the dark element can be rooted out, because we need more help than any earth services-military or otherwise can give – there is so much entrenched corruption. And the entrenched corruption wants to kill off half the planet and chip the rest. That can NOT happen! (4)

107 talked about Chess moves. Playing the insane game out to the last move, how you keep the enemy confused… The confusion must be kept till checkmate. But there are enough of us who see that have a voice who could actually screw up the last move by telling everybody – so  the deep confusion is necessary (I have thought that, but I have also thought what a convenient excuse it all is. – see? Deep Confusion) The other side is too stupid / arrogant to see far enough ahead to concede. They are the ones who say, “If I can’t have it, nobody can!” And are probably capable of tossing the whole board, walking away in a huff saying ‘Stupid game anyway’ under their breath. Put nothing past bullies – scared ones at that!

Which brings me to the next step: (Cue echo and music) The Alien Invasion. For those of us who realized there are all sorts of beings here it will be: ‘Finally!’ But for all those who only have a mass media education, it will be quiet a shock! They have only been taught the lowest aspect of a very large picture and have been trained to be very afraid of OFF planet anything!

This will be a problem, but at this point where it is obvious that gov’t is rotten to the core, when ppl still can’t discern the difference between divinity within and church without (Myss), this should be a shock big enough to get their attention. Sometimes you have to pull the band aid off fast. For the last 80-100 years we have been cleverly indoctrinated, 4 generations of people have been slowly trained to be the unthinking mess we are. IMO, we are looking at a mass course correction, but you have to have the attention of the students to deliver the lecture, you can’t just write it on the blackboard without announcing the test! (5)

I wonder what the world will look like in March?

It could be that what I think, the alien card, is too easy and that as 107 said, we could be in for 4 years of real misery. That would be a rotten way to spend my “golden” years. Loss of income, loss of property, loss of medical freedom, loss of free speech, the loss of my guns, the loss of my right to protect myself, the loss of life, family, freedom and joy will mean nothing to the incoming regime. It will be what it will be. All will suffer. 


We have been asked to wait, to get out the popcorn, to enjoy the wild ride, but if any of that comes to compromising my inner self and ethic…






Change the STORY!!

I am sad for us – the humans – those on the planet with bodies – us. Regardless of why (the reasons) any of us thinks we are in a fight and the reasons are legion, we still think we are in a fight against Black and White – of “biblical” proportions. 

We are left with NO CHOICE. 

We are being pushed/herded towards violence. If we take The Peaceful Path, then we acquiesce to violence upon our persons, our bodies, and commit our children to more of the same with less choice. 

I feel as if every move we make ends up in harm to someone or something. I would choose no harm to anything but then this body could not live. Caroline Myss was right – the old “God” and his stories are dying with this age and new understandings of how this whole reality works are being born, and being caught in the middle is NOT peaceful!  

We, it seems, are being forced to choose and fight for that choice – right or wrong.

Its the FIGHT part That I have trouble with. The violence part that feels wrong.

WHY can’t we choose without force? WHY must a decision de-evolve into violence against another? Why must it be that the choice of peace will create death for us? I just want to say, 

” Wait-a-minit! Has no one noticed that any way we decide to go we must create violence to get there?” 

WHY is the human race once again being forced into blood shed to find PEACE!?!


Evil this, evil that – this story, that story – and when you pick up the layer we walk upon, underneath it is even worse.

Everything upon this planet must be a fight.


It took me a long time to awaken from innocence – a long time to see the ugly and how it operated by warring on the unawares. My heart understood the beauty and my mind thought if I just kept looking I’d find it (faith in my heart). I still believe it, but I now see that it is dying – being forced to die. The question is why? Who/what has put this “game” upon us? Who is closing the possibility lens down to a single point with No Options? & Why, to What end?

For over 2000 years we have over half the population seeing “How it works” through one story – a biblical one. AND the last chapter PREDICTS this fight. Predictive programming? Feed a culture a story and TELL them how to play it? Leave NO options. NO alternatives. Stage a grand fight and MAKE it happen.

Allow NO alternatives. No protests and no way to say ” No!”

My conspiracy addled brain says,

“NO! WAIT-A-MINIT! STOP! And LOOK! Really see what is going on here!”

Stand for what you want in your heart – it doesn’t have to Solve for the worlds’ problems, it just has to be right in the silence of your heart, in your sacred place – in all the in between spaces – not black and white: but in all those grey shades.



And refuse the ‘story in all its variations and instead go inside and sit in counsel with your deepest truth, your heart! 

Change the STORY!!


My one thought this morning when I sat to write was, do we have to talk about the same thing again? Because I am so tired of being immersed in the current shenanigans. And so, this was the topic. (to my profound relief and gratitude)

Time, maybe linear time is this prison? What if there was no linear time? How confusing would that be. Maybe to exist beyond this veil, time becomes moot? 

Last nights dreams were confused vignettes of flashed images. But still they had linear time in there. They made no sense, even So. I would imagine that even if you change state, say into a spirit-energy, you would still, if you existed in the frame work of this universe, experience time – linear time. 

I also suppose that to travel point to point somehow the equations null time (or take that value to ‘0’.). And depending on how you worked the variables you could also jump around in time and do both time and place. Its a balanced four point equation. Which means, in a way, that conscious awareness is dependent on time – here in this universe, at least, no time = no memory. 

No, memory, no awareness of existence. Time is hooked to light and gravity and therefore variable depending on location in the universe. Also, when you play with gravity drive, (or gravity) you play with time.

But for humans, awareness depends on being in time, so does memory & learning. We can and do alter our perception of the speed of time, all the time – things go fast and things go slow, depending on states of awareness. But time is always operative for cognition.

Do we emanate time or do we exist as a function of time? Do we exist outside of time as only a static pattern? It would imply movement is life and time is movement – without a wave pattern there is nothing in time and no life.

To even think a thought, there must time. So; “Energy follows thought,” depends on time. Also, Thoughts are Things and Things are Thoughts! And instead of “I think therefore I am”, its really, “I am in time, therefore I CAN think!” 

The Story

Jan 1st 2021

Well well, here we are, January 1st 2021 and we are wondering what comes. 

If we are in some simulation or story dream, then we have only reached the end of the intro where everyone is set up in their parts and characters and we begin to see who the bad guy is and foreshadow what the fight will be, how it will play out. 

I am sure most people think we are at the end of the story with resolution in sight, but I’m thinking No; common sense tells us that we have just begun after bursting into the 21st century and the age of Aquarius. We have yet to put ourselves on a secure footing into the future on a path that sustains us and the planet into a new age.

In this story, we have yet to have thought out where we are going and really what we want for a 1,000 generations ahead in this 26,000 year cycle. Its hard to set a path, a direction, when you can’t see the map, when the possibility of a map doesn’t even exist for you.

These last 100 years of history have been about gorilla warfare, of staying alive with some idea of who we are. We have forgotten what we are fighting for and why. In our exhaustion we have slept and forgot there was a war and the enemy has crept up on our encampment in the dead of night and surrounded us. We sentries have been raising the call, beating our claxons and having a hard time trying to awaken the army – they sleep as if drugged. Either we are not loud enough or we have forgotten the proper words to rouse the troupes, for they sleep on in deepest dreams caught in the nether world between death and awakening.

IF ONLY: words implicate of loss and regret. We sentries, did not partake of the wine because we had to guard our troops through the long, dark, night. But we, even in our diligence, did not notice a lone combatant sneak into our camps and poison our wine with the Lotus. We had to guard our troops through the long, dark, night; we drank only water and did not know of the poison. We now yell at the top of our voices, unheard.

We sentries must take up the fight, in hopes the clamor wakens the rest. This missive, this writing may be lost in the sands of time, but somewhere this record and others will exist to go on and be an accounting of how we fought against enslavement and tyranny, kept the purpose of this battle alive in hopes that the cost of freedom is never forgotten. So that, when the rest awaken from their stupor, they will read and remember the battle for our very souls. If this record dissolves into time, then all is lost and we have vanished, never to be again. Out there in that vast universe, if someone finds this, we need help! If you have the heart to help save a planet, we need you. It is well past the eleventh hour and into midnight and we have been poisoned. If this missive finds you, and you come to help, bring healers, and beware the poison, for it is everywhere, it is strong, and you too will fall asleep and dissapear into time and legend. This is a dangerous place, most who come here don’t discover that until it is too late.

As for us, we are at the precipice – do we awaken and fight or do we vanish?