The Story

Jan 1st 2021

Well well, here we are, January 1st 2021 and we are wondering what comes. 

If we are in some simulation or story dream, then we have only reached the end of the intro where everyone is set up in their parts and characters and we begin to see who the bad guy is and foreshadow what the fight will be, how it will play out. 

I am sure most people think we are at the end of the story with resolution in sight, but I’m thinking No; common sense tells us that we have just begun after bursting into the 21st century and the age of Aquarius. We have yet to put ourselves on a secure footing into the future on a path that sustains us and the planet into a new age.

In this story, we have yet to have thought out where we are going and really what we want for a 1,000 generations ahead in this 26,000 year cycle. Its hard to set a path, a direction, when you can’t see the map, when the possibility of a map doesn’t even exist for you.

These last 100 years of history have been about gorilla warfare, of staying alive with some idea of who we are. We have forgotten what we are fighting for and why. In our exhaustion we have slept and forgot there was a war and the enemy has crept up on our encampment in the dead of night and surrounded us. We sentries have been raising the call, beating our claxons and having a hard time trying to awaken the army – they sleep as if drugged. Either we are not loud enough or we have forgotten the proper words to rouse the troupes, for they sleep on in deepest dreams caught in the nether world between death and awakening.

IF ONLY: words implicate of loss and regret. We sentries, did not partake of the wine because we had to guard our troops through the long, dark, night. But we, even in our diligence, did not notice a lone combatant sneak into our camps and poison our wine with the Lotus. We had to guard our troops through the long, dark, night; we drank only water and did not know of the poison. We now yell at the top of our voices, unheard.

We sentries must take up the fight, in hopes the clamor wakens the rest. This missive, this writing may be lost in the sands of time, but somewhere this record and others will exist to go on and be an accounting of how we fought against enslavement and tyranny, kept the purpose of this battle alive in hopes that the cost of freedom is never forgotten. So that, when the rest awaken from their stupor, they will read and remember the battle for our very souls. If this record dissolves into time, then all is lost and we have vanished, never to be again. Out there in that vast universe, if someone finds this, we need help! If you have the heart to help save a planet, we need you. It is well past the eleventh hour and into midnight and we have been poisoned. If this missive finds you, and you come to help, bring healers, and beware the poison, for it is everywhere, it is strong, and you too will fall asleep and dissapear into time and legend. This is a dangerous place, most who come here don’t discover that until it is too late.

As for us, we are at the precipice – do we awaken and fight or do we vanish?

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