My one thought this morning when I sat to write was, do we have to talk about the same thing again? Because I am so tired of being immersed in the current shenanigans. And so, this was the topic. (to my profound relief and gratitude)

Time, maybe linear time is this prison? What if there was no linear time? How confusing would that be. Maybe to exist beyond this veil, time becomes moot? 

Last nights dreams were confused vignettes of flashed images. But still they had linear time in there. They made no sense, even So. I would imagine that even if you change state, say into a spirit-energy, you would still, if you existed in the frame work of this universe, experience time – linear time. 

I also suppose that to travel point to point somehow the equations null time (or take that value to ‘0’.). And depending on how you worked the variables you could also jump around in time and do both time and place. Its a balanced four point equation. Which means, in a way, that conscious awareness is dependent on time – here in this universe, at least, no time = no memory. 

No, memory, no awareness of existence. Time is hooked to light and gravity and therefore variable depending on location in the universe. Also, when you play with gravity drive, (or gravity) you play with time.

But for humans, awareness depends on being in time, so does memory & learning. We can and do alter our perception of the speed of time, all the time – things go fast and things go slow, depending on states of awareness. But time is always operative for cognition.

Do we emanate time or do we exist as a function of time? Do we exist outside of time as only a static pattern? It would imply movement is life and time is movement – without a wave pattern there is nothing in time and no life.

To even think a thought, there must time. So; “Energy follows thought,” depends on time. Also, Thoughts are Things and Things are Thoughts! And instead of “I think therefore I am”, its really, “I am in time, therefore I CAN think!” 

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