Change the STORY!!

I am sad for us – the humans – those on the planet with bodies – us. Regardless of why (the reasons) any of us thinks we are in a fight and the reasons are legion, we still think we are in a fight against Black and White – of “biblical” proportions. 

We are left with NO CHOICE. 

We are being pushed/herded towards violence. If we take The Peaceful Path, then we acquiesce to violence upon our persons, our bodies, and commit our children to more of the same with less choice. 

I feel as if every move we make ends up in harm to someone or something. I would choose no harm to anything but then this body could not live. Caroline Myss was right – the old “God” and his stories are dying with this age and new understandings of how this whole reality works are being born, and being caught in the middle is NOT peaceful!  

We, it seems, are being forced to choose and fight for that choice – right or wrong.

Its the FIGHT part That I have trouble with. The violence part that feels wrong.

WHY can’t we choose without force? WHY must a decision de-evolve into violence against another? Why must it be that the choice of peace will create death for us? I just want to say, 

” Wait-a-minit! Has no one noticed that any way we decide to go we must create violence to get there?” 

WHY is the human race once again being forced into blood shed to find PEACE!?!


Evil this, evil that – this story, that story – and when you pick up the layer we walk upon, underneath it is even worse.

Everything upon this planet must be a fight.


It took me a long time to awaken from innocence – a long time to see the ugly and how it operated by warring on the unawares. My heart understood the beauty and my mind thought if I just kept looking I’d find it (faith in my heart). I still believe it, but I now see that it is dying – being forced to die. The question is why? Who/what has put this “game” upon us? Who is closing the possibility lens down to a single point with No Options? & Why, to What end?

For over 2000 years we have over half the population seeing “How it works” through one story – a biblical one. AND the last chapter PREDICTS this fight. Predictive programming? Feed a culture a story and TELL them how to play it? Leave NO options. NO alternatives. Stage a grand fight and MAKE it happen.

Allow NO alternatives. No protests and no way to say ” No!”

My conspiracy addled brain says,

“NO! WAIT-A-MINIT! STOP! And LOOK! Really see what is going on here!”

Stand for what you want in your heart – it doesn’t have to Solve for the worlds’ problems, it just has to be right in the silence of your heart, in your sacred place – in all the in between spaces – not black and white: but in all those grey shades.



And refuse the ‘story in all its variations and instead go inside and sit in counsel with your deepest truth, your heart! 

Change the STORY!!

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