Confusion is the precursor to growth of any kind. It’s the reconfiguring of information into a higher order of understanding.

I was listening to 107 on Mike Jaco’s show yesterday- 107 let it spill that Biden will be inaugurated. Saying that not enough ppl are awake. (1)

Then Cliff High was talking about Jan. 20th as a solar-energy from space sort of thing. WooWoo. His kind. (2)

There is always the alien invasion card like Randy Kramer talked about: because there were rumors of actual war w/ CCP so, this is the next step in his report. (in my blog may 2020: NOW) (3)

Here is Randy Cramer’s time line that he talked about in recent interviews. I’m not sure why that has stuck with me – but it has.

  1. Virus
  2. Civil war ( we are piss poor at that – all we want is peace)
  3. Super Power war (we don’t want that either)
  4. Alien invasion
    1. Blame it all on them
    2. Limited air to ground action
    3. Excuse to get rid of all the underground bases
    4. Will be with an insectoid race (who are our friends and bc hive mind, when the die they are not lost they are just reborn)
    5. To get people to focus on a planetary level
    6. And…. Bring out some of the ‘big tech’
  5. New aliens arrive who are very human to ‘help’
  6. We win
    1. We break through the glass ceiling on three important points
      1. ET embargo
      2. Trade embargo (with rest of the solar system and other places)
      3. Consciousness embargo

(this new editor in word press is idiotic and doesn’t know outline format.. scuze the mess but it was the only way to structure it available to a nonpaying blogger)

And…I wouldn’t put it past Trump to have one more ace up his sleeve. 

(all night I dreamt of TV detectives lots of them, they kept walking past me. The last one before I awoke was Kojak: “Who loves ya baby?”)  

Its been obvious the entire power structure of the U.S. is pretty rotten to the core since the last real (18th) president of the US when it all went corporate… 

For about 3-4 days I’ve known that Trump wouldn’t win because if the objective was to wake ppl up, we are not there yet. Cliff High thinks whatever energies that are coming in on the 20th will create a Vast Chaos. 107 says the ppl have not ‘suffered’ enough. The CIA has released a huge doc. dump on UFO’s… These issues have always been intertwined. To me, it looks like proj. Blue Beam is a go – but with real aliens so that the dark element can be rooted out, because we need more help than any earth services-military or otherwise can give – there is so much entrenched corruption. And the entrenched corruption wants to kill off half the planet and chip the rest. That can NOT happen! (4)

107 talked about Chess moves. Playing the insane game out to the last move, how you keep the enemy confused… The confusion must be kept till checkmate. But there are enough of us who see that have a voice who could actually screw up the last move by telling everybody – so  the deep confusion is necessary (I have thought that, but I have also thought what a convenient excuse it all is. – see? Deep Confusion) The other side is too stupid / arrogant to see far enough ahead to concede. They are the ones who say, “If I can’t have it, nobody can!” And are probably capable of tossing the whole board, walking away in a huff saying ‘Stupid game anyway’ under their breath. Put nothing past bullies – scared ones at that!

Which brings me to the next step: (Cue echo and music) The Alien Invasion. For those of us who realized there are all sorts of beings here it will be: ‘Finally!’ But for all those who only have a mass media education, it will be quiet a shock! They have only been taught the lowest aspect of a very large picture and have been trained to be very afraid of OFF planet anything!

This will be a problem, but at this point where it is obvious that gov’t is rotten to the core, when ppl still can’t discern the difference between divinity within and church without (Myss), this should be a shock big enough to get their attention. Sometimes you have to pull the band aid off fast. For the last 80-100 years we have been cleverly indoctrinated, 4 generations of people have been slowly trained to be the unthinking mess we are. IMO, we are looking at a mass course correction, but you have to have the attention of the students to deliver the lecture, you can’t just write it on the blackboard without announcing the test! (5)

I wonder what the world will look like in March?

It could be that what I think, the alien card, is too easy and that as 107 said, we could be in for 4 years of real misery. That would be a rotten way to spend my “golden” years. Loss of income, loss of property, loss of medical freedom, loss of free speech, the loss of my guns, the loss of my right to protect myself, the loss of life, family, freedom and joy will mean nothing to the incoming regime. It will be what it will be. All will suffer. 


We have been asked to wait, to get out the popcorn, to enjoy the wild ride, but if any of that comes to compromising my inner self and ethic…






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