There is an effort a foot to confuse the general populace, the patriots, the deep thinkers, the financial analysts, the deep state and the…well, everybody, as to what is actually happening – and no, I have no clue except that I perceive the pattern of ‘confustication’. Somebody knows because this is somebody’s plan. And even they aren’t 100% sure how we all will react and what the greatest group outcome will be…

I had a dream the other night about a governance system that included every last human on the planet weighing in on policy and programs to keep the earth running and us living in harmony. We all voted and we all had a say but it was telepathic and no one could put in the ‘fix’ on anything. The weight of human consciousness made the shifts and created policy. We were our own government – Every. Last. One. Of. Us!

Then I woke up and realized we had about a thousand years worth of growth ahead of us before anything like that could ever occur. Sigh. 

I bring this up because there is a source to our current confusion. Obviously this source must exist in a planning capacity that is global. Maybe even bigger than that. There is an answer for everybody’s ideation, and everybody’s dream and right now it feels as if the point of the exercise is to keep us quiescent and waiting for our particular version of the best out come to appear. Does anybody see the flaw in this line of reasoning? Being the rebel I am, it immediately makes me want to get up and take action, investigate and figure this out because it feels like the whole thing has just slid sideways in a handbasket. 

And where I wanted to say so much more – there’s too much to elucidate – on purpose, I’m quite sure.

Something’s up. Something’s way wrong. I’m feeling it in my bones.

“Watson! The game’s afoot and there is no time to waste!”

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