All of One Mind… Were we anywhere close to being in that state of agreement… the power would be immense! Or, as Christ said, “When two or more are gathered…”

Finally I woke up with the deepest peace, slept deeply and feel good. 

What is it about this place, the earth and us, that makes this place so interesting to so many? We are such a surging sea of energy that can and does get out of hand, out of control so very easily. When a crowd gets together its like we build a bigger mind. You have the troublemakers: the errant thoughts that you say no to. You have the peacemakers: the thoughts you use to guide you. But mostly you have the curious: just there to see, observe what happens, for the experience. Then you have the one great idea that brought all the people out in the first place. 

The point is though, that when we are all in proximity to each other, we act like one brain, almost. With the strongest mind, or set of minds controlling the overriding behaviour of the crowd. Unless, like at church, we are all in agreement to listen or follow one person, or at a concert etc. where the focus is united.

How is it that we do this? What other superpowers do we have together as a crowd? We are coherent at the point of many minds especially focused on one thing. Coherence is organized awareness, like any system aggregation:

  • Energy 
  • Plasma
  • Cells
  • Organs or organ systems in any living thing 
  • “Forests”
  • Biomes 

Any system gains function with coherence.

Coherence is: the quality of forming a unified whole. It’s literally the state of stickiness or cleaving of one thing to another.

Latin: Com= together, + haerere: to stick, adhere


Coherence is being… sticky. So when attraction happens so does intelligence multiply. This increases Consciousness. We have now understood that this is a natural function of a crowd because our hearts & minds give off an electromagnetic field large enough that they touch-combine and the crowd acts as one organism. But in a focused group of meditative people (meditation brings the mind naturally into coherence) we don’t even have to be within geographical nearness to each other and we can effect change. The studies are out there.

However a smart person sometime ago figured out that if you manipulate many minds at once: and this takes a tool, like the internet, TV or radio, that the mind can form a very BIG coherence – and people will respond as one (like nations) so long as their hearts are in agreement – and that the more minds & hearts in agreement the more coherence you have, the more creative power you have. We all form a very big unit. This unit is extremely powerful. And recently has been USED by TPTB to disorganize the human race and keep them powerless.

We have been subverted recently by confusion, disorganization and having our chains yanked. How are they doing this? Through the use of the internet and our addiction to the information coming through the screens we all use in daily life – our phones, computers, tablets and any other device that hooks up to their broadcast media, which they have used to hook our minds into their system of thought. Please realize that any and all groups are infiltrated to protect against any real form of cohesion happening around any one person or idea. This is imperative to them, because should we reach a quorum, they cannot touch us. So their goal is to fractionalize us and keep us that way. That is why they have dismantled the church, families and any other form of people groups where a quorum could be reached. They yank our chains, they squirrel us, they distract us, divide us and they make sure nobody agrees on anything! I don’t know about you but, I’m tired of having my chain being jerked all the time. I personally want to yell “Back off!” I’m not a puppet – I will not dance to any one else’s tune except my own and I will decide what that is.

Since I became aware of this, I have been much better, clearer and seen a bit more into the puppet strings we all have attached to us. Not that I’ve been able to see WHO is really jerking my chain, but I almost don’t have to because once I was aware I quit letting it happen. I quit letting them use emotional black-mail to get to me. I quit obsessively watching and consuming the blather on the screen and feeding myself a constant diet of Bullshit. 


We have been so involved in this admittedly HIGH Risk game, that we have forgotten it is a game, and thereby LOST all our power in the game. We have to pull our collective heads out of our collective ass, once again.


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