Trees, Tribes and Togetherness

Most everybody-regardless of education at one time or another, thinks about themselves in relation to their environment, or the bigger purpose, or the world. Where they fit and how they fit, even if it is only in context of their own family. I guess “context” is the key word. It’s maybe the first spiritual “thought” question they have. 

It continues on from there with observance of relatedness: how do I fit, where do I fit… and WHY do I fit? Most stop before the WHY part. But some don’t. Some think in ever widening circles into the macro world: ever larger groups, until they ask the question of the planet. It wasn’t until recently that people could find connections wider than their geographical position. 

Interestingly enough, social media has made the question of “where and with whom do I fit?” much easier to answer. But its still about where do I fit in? Who are my TRIBE? The answer to that is a question of coherence.

Stickiness or coherence seems to be a natural impulse. We see it in nature all the time. Organic life is arranged such that intelligence grows into larger more organized units thus promoting easier and better survival in greater numbers. Trees do it through the ground via fungus. Plants do it in groups to protect from invading infestations of bugs. People are no different. Cohesion is the great organizing principle. All life organizes as one great body: each system interdependent on the other for the good of the entirety. In that manner one can imagine the earth as one entity. We are perfectly made to be her eyes and ears – her hands and feet and all service her purpose the same way our hands & feet service us. (do hands and feet like being hands and feet? Has anyone ever asked them?)

When we ask the question where do I fit past the tribal level, we run smack into the larger intelligence of the earth. (She might be trying to give birth to us. Do you blame her?) 

What I noticed this summer, when people were locked down, was a unique coming together of families and neighborhoods – people on my block, actually talked to each other. We came out, walked our dogs got to know each other & each others pets and children. Children formed play-units ( I remember the laughter of roving bands of kids outside in the summer playing till dark, running the backyards and having a ball) Friendships were made that in the 10 years of living here had never been made before. I met people whom I didn’t know and had never seen before. (I like them!) Cohesion. It is a strong natural urge. We can’t help ourselves.

(we still only live in the 3 lower chakras: 1) survival 2) tribe 3) group cohesion)

Interesting that; if you cut us off from our larger associations by limiting our travel, we create new connections closer to home.

(Something bothered me about Simon Parkes 2 updates yesterday. He, in the very essence of his talks underneath the subject, was really talking about being different and better than.)

Where I noticed that this summer: race, religion and belief structures didn’t matter. We were just people together with families and pets we loved. That was our cohesion. Love.

So, I wonder at the importance of that cohesion point – what we gather For matters. This summer brought back a very basic principle to the people. Tolerance for customs (traditions) and recognition of the love of family. Putting: This is who I love, and This is why I love them, to the forefront – not ideologies.

But then, because of the elections ALL of the IDEOLOGIES were trotted out and because those ideologies were considered the framework upon which our ability to love and keep safe our family unit was based, people fought. 

However, what this country promised from its inception was:

The ability to live in peace regardless of: 


Meaning FREEDOM of

  • Thought 
  • Class
  • Education.
  • Speech
  • creativity 
  • productivity
  • Ability to LOVE whomever you chose to.

That’s why we were considered a Melting Pot. We were the great experiment that said we can all live together without conforming. Simple ideas of tolerance & the freedom to love.

When did we forget? 

When did we become exactly what we were running from: intolerance and heavy handed rulership and conformance of MIND? 

How could we have forgotten?

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