A very inelegant rant.

I am wrestling with the concept of God and the second coming and the current politics: The They would have you believe that we are at that point. But are we, really? Very wrongly, IMO we have combined political rhetoric and spirituality. So many people I have listened to recently have used the verbiage, the words that essentially say that ‘God applies pain to awaken us to Him’. Well, stop right there, maybe the old testament god,  but not the god that Jesus taught us about.


Maybe an “alien-god”, but not The God. (the real one) There is no path to the real (Capitol letter G) God through violence. Only deep peace can get you there. The peace that passes all understanding. 


BECAUSE this has turned into a black-and-white-War, between Good-and-Evil, we are all using that format (however flawed it is) to look at the discernment of the current political mess because it now has in itself, in its language, evoked biblical archetypes with words like ‘Satan’, ‘God’, Christians, etc. (Somebody wants to rev it up to that level… as in once again we are being played)

Since WHEN in this Country, our America, DO WE MIX RELIGION & POLITICS? We are Supposed to SEPARATE Church and State, PER The FIRST AMENDMENT to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, paraphrased from Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Separation Between Church and State’. Allowing each person the freedom of heart to follow their own personal guidance to God – and not to be forced by the state to give up the freedom of their inner heart, or give up hearing and following the calling of their God. To say, or even imply, that God will hurt (?) you to get your attention – to imply that we have not suffered enough to deserve Gods’ attention and love, is wrong. God’s Grace is given freely:

Grace, on the other hand is an unearned, asked for favor, love or help accessed through faith, in belief in another, out of the word faith :Old English biddan “to ask, beg, pray,” German bitten “to ask.” 

grace (n.). late 12c., “God’s unmerited favor, love, or help,” from Old French grace “pardon, divine grace, mercy; favor, thanks; elegance, virtue”

To imply that the intent of God is Violence,  IS TO BE SEVERELY MISLED.

And, IMO is the voice of something else. I would caution you all to pay attention to the language being used, the intent underneath the words used, the simple implications of what is being said to you by some of the so called “patriots” you listen to and – because this war has gone from political to spiritual it is time to consider anyone – regardless of WHO they are, suspect if they try they tell you that you need suffer IN ANY WAY To Know GOD, or to have God’s intervention and Grace. Because that is a LIE!

The only way you come to know God and feel his grace in your heart is through:


(So, if it isn’t peaceful, then its not God. If it’s not God, then it’s….?  Hmmm?)

3 thoughts on “A very inelegant rant.”

  1. I would also like to share this with you, as something that i think is relevant to your post.

    “Christ makes His presence felt in such a way that we know clearly that He will now expect more of His human children than in centuries gone by. Till now the Gospels have spoken an inner language to man. They had to lay hold of the soul-men should, therefore, be satisfied with faith alone and had not to progress to knowledge. That time is now over, it lies behind us. Christ has something different in view for His human children. His present purpose is that the kingdom to which He referred when He said: ‘My kingdom is not of this world,’ should really draw into that part of the human being which is not of this world but which is of another world. In each one of us there is a part which is not of this world. That part of man which is not of this world must seek with intensity that kingdom of which Christ spoke, of which He said, that it was not of this world.“

    by Rudolf Steiner, Berlin, 1917.

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  2. Hello, great points and ponderings here.
    I come with no affiliation or dogma (as far as i can see)
    What if, because it is a free will place we live, that it isnt God who wishes us this pain, but the reality of the wrong choices that leads us to this pain, an from there, this “pain-as-an-awakener” is simply baked into reality as a “security measure” or an “alarm system”. So it is pain as a means to something, and not as an end.
    I have heard the saying “what doesnt kill
    Me makes me stronger” but in reality, “what doesn’t kill me makes me weirder” rings truer. so there seems to be a need to articulate what type of pain, and also ask the question, is there such a thing as necessary and unnecessary pain?
    Also, what is our relationship to pain.
    Would life be real if there was no such thing as pain?
    Is the experience of conscience not quite painful sometimes? Especially those flashes of it that in the end prove to be quite corrective and actually bring about peace within.
    What if you had a young child, who was about to walk off the edge of a cliff, and the only way to save her was to scare her? Would that temporary “pain-shock” be a good thing?

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