Interlinked Innernet


Yellow folders on a black background.

Every major app idea spawns many other apps to manage it for the people, like FB, Twitter and You Tube. These programs have thousands of folders inside them. Folders are like space. Open a folder and you have a galaxy inside. Sub folders of star groups and in those folders, star folders, and inside those folders planetary folders etc. Folders are a space that has time. Outside of those folders there is no time, just organizational structure. 

So there is a database of creation that holds these folders, and to open one is to gaze at time moving. Data is stored information which has no time or action until you enter/open the folder. The data base for earth is huge, at a point where it is too large for the operating system, which is about to fail unless it gets an upgrade into a quantum system. A quantum system would be where the system’s power is increased by the amount of information and type of organization in it. In the past, the system has been re-booted, but this time a quantum upgrade is being attempted. 

This data base has two major operating systems, and just like the apps and their managing apps, these managing apps have grown larger. They have increased the complexity of the Earth folder and add to the disorganization. This is why an interlocking operating system is needed, a new organizing principle, one capable of handling all the data and systems exploding out of the inception point that began with the internet. One that is relationally organic in function allowing instantaneous connection between folders in a fractally webbed system. This connection would allow simultaneous reorganization outside of time with out loss of any data with in the discrete folders, and yet connect every one of them through an innernet instead of a inter(between)net. This would allow the earth folder to continue without catastrophic data loss into a greater more functional cross-folder functionality to a more stable operating system.

I’ve been slightly (ha!) tired of the metaphysical gobbledygook language creeping into idea structures that need a better and more modern functional vocabulary. Lol. So I got this dream.

I guess it’s the next level metaphor (meta: of a creative work, referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential) for our time.

Some people have quite the sense of humor, all I can say!

Ps. I have a feeling that those folders are quantum singularities…?

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