To notice…

Just as confusion is the precursor to growth of any kind, the beginning of any transformation is always invisible. Like I said in ‘Becoming’, the new ‘we’ are barely visible yet – our creations are like new green shoots covered in last year’s decaying leaves.

If you are trying to track this – to see if it is really happening, look for the invisible movement of the heart. Then silently wait for the feeling of the movement of spirit, in your heart and your mind, in the wind and listen for the sighs of mother earth. Be silent and still, for they only whisper yet. Listen. Watch, because eventually you will see the changes and maybe if you are astute, you will understand the value of what you see. 

You are not looking for big screen MGM CGI. You are looking for the real, at this point intangible to the world, type of gnosis. It exists in the breath of babies, the soggy soft puppy kisses and the head-buts of cats. It lives in the trees, the flowers, the grasses and in your love’s eyes. 

It is unseen but not unfelt. It crackles along your nerves and gives you shivers. It pops into your head with knowing and light. It sings to your heart and whispers lullabies at night, waiting for you to notice the becoming.

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