4 year slap down cycle

LARP: Live Action Role Play

noun: live action role-playing: a fantasy role-playing game in which participants dress in costume, use props, and act out roles.

verb: (used without object) LARPed, LARP·ing. To participate in a live action role-playing game.

Fake: fakeness

a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.


Deception, an act or a statement intended to deceive

Charlatan, a person who practices deception to obtain money or other advantages

Counterfeit, a reproduction of an item, intended to deceive

Cover-up, an attempt to conceal wrongdoing, error, or other embarrassing information

Decoy, a person, device, or event meant as a distraction

Fake news, a form of news consisting of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional news media or online social media.

Falsity, the deceitfulness of one party culminating in damage to another party

Feint, a maneuver designed to distract or mislead, often in fencing or military tactics

Forgery, the falsification of a legal instrument with the intent to defraud

Hoax, a falsehood deliberately crafted to deceive

Illusion, a distortion of the senses, which can reveal how the human brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.

Put those two together and you have the UFO game that has been in action since the 40’s. IMO after seeing how well this worked on an intelligent dogged community like we UFO researchers (even after we know we have been larped in the ubiquitous 20 year cycle, we get back at it) what if the globalists decided to use it politically? I mean this last year has all the earmarks of several ongoing LARPs. 

We have the Space Force (once upon a time called the SSP: Secret Space Program) which is hooked into the military and budget funding that connects it to politics. We have the Covid Program which is hooked into big Ag and big Pharma, and funding which connects it to politics. We have the media used as a tool to ensure the LARPs work. (I’m sure there are more, but this is adequate for my discussion)

It’s like politics has turned into UFO world where they pull the rug out from under you every 4 years, instead of every 20 UFO years, and then start it all over again. Maybe UFO world was simply a testing ground to see if it would work on a global population? It seems like a game of lies because nothing we see happening feels real – in any quadrant – doesn’t matter where you look. It also feels glitchy to me – like there is/was a mistake and reality is being altered, yet again! Which is causing a failure to thrive. Nothing is what it should be, its all skewed. All spun. 

Just like the UFO genre, politically we have our emerging stars in this arena, the home grown heroes promising wonderful things.  Curiously, they are even merging themselves with the information from the UFO field. Using the characters and story structure like they created it. I find that very telling in a lot of ways. Very fishy, if you ask me. Too good to be true…

So, we in the UFO field know how much research and work it takes to get our proverbial asses up off the floor after being unceremoniously dumped there when the rug was pulled, but does the rest of everybody even have a clue of how to do that? We are used to it – and we carry on, we fact gather we never cease and we certainly don’t expect a savior to step in and fix it, a.k.a. the government announcement on the white house lawn that the aliens are here with a live alien demonstration. So, what makes us think that there will be a political savior that will step in and put a stop to all the political stupidity? 

IMO we are going to have to treat this political fakeness fiasco the same way we do it in UFO world, knuckle down, do our research, somehow get it out there and change the world, one person at a time. Until we do, get ready for the 4 year ubiquitous land on your ass cycle.

Oh Gee, how fun.

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