The Darkness

I feel like I am caught in a nightmare with no way to wake up. SARS-Cov-2 or Covid19, or Covid20, or Covid21 are all out there in the world plus a whole host of others – they are legion. However, if you look at the numbers on world-wide deaths, they have remained the same. What has happened is the shifting of the causes of those deaths – the title on the type of death. That has all been shifted to be Covid. Covid+diabetes, Covid+heart disease, Covid+COPD, Covid+age… you get my drift. Oh! But we have cured the common cold and the common flu, those things no longer exist in the lexicon of medical diagnosis. 

What I have watched in the last 2 years is a shifty, underhanded psychological program going out to the public like a virus, infecting more and more people – even ones that KNOW better! Insidiously finding its way into the subconscious minds of every one on earth that has any connection digitally. This means the media is the viral vector to this mind virus. 

What is alarming is that I find my self slipping, and I KNOW what is going on. I KNOW because I have done over two years of research, in depth research – reading the science journals, the white papers, and listening to those who have written them. The media-vector of disbursal has been so effective, that I have to check my own mind, I found it creeping up on me, this media hyped fear – but I know how to recognize that. 

What is most alarming is the people I know and love that have been overcome by this propaganda psy-ops. Some who know the facts, but are succumbing to the infectious vector of media subliminal programming. I am beginning to see just how powerful the programming is.

Personally, all I can do is hard-look at the facts and understand that I will be mourning them in one way or another. They will be changed. They will be owned, manipulated and forever in the clutches of the dark faction that runs this world. That’s if they live. The evidence points to about a three month period after both vaccines (one and two) are given, when becoming infected by a regular everyday flu, their immune system will be so confused because of the genetic modification of their bodies from the vaccinations which ARE gene therapy (and not a real vaccination) that their bodies will not be able to handle the wild virus and they will literally kill themselves from the inside-out because of an over reaction.  There is also a theory that the body will not recognize a wild strain of flu virus and it will over run the system. This will be because the body will already have the spike protein on every cell in the body. This is the end game. The last death.

In the interim, the psychological manipulation of the hearts and souls and minds of people, especially those I love is so heart wrenching that everyday I mourn. I am watching those that cannot be aware of the ghost in the machine possessing them by deceit and lies, through the back door of their subconscious minds through everyday media. I know, because I have felt it. The reasons for wearing a mask or three, the reasons for lining up and getting gene therapy vaccinations don’t matter. What does matter is that most people do not even realize what has happened to them in their own minds. They do not see that they are being hollowed out inside so the darkness will have a place to come and live. The darkness is insidious. That is the way it works. Until one day it simply owns you and you never noticed, will never know that you are no longer you, the transition was so smooth that you never woke up to see it. That is the way the darkness works.

I mourn. That is all that is left to do. 

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