The Sky is Purple

Happy (?) April Fools day. 

It used to be fun… living used to be fun – but not any more! All because of Covidstupidity. 

Facts don’t matter – only fear & propaganda do. Nobody can distinguish the difference so you wind up with ways around thinking like the what ifs, or just to be on the safe side.” 

As if that weren’t enough the “News” is pushing the idea that those who don’t get Vaxed will become 2nd class citizens… And ALL the corporate entities will see to it! We are so afraid of the flu we have gone completely bonkers over it – all because of the media (what we are told over an over day after day) lies. Imagine: if we are easy enough to dupe over this what will happen if ET Shows up (?) especially if those who show up first are interdimensional and are as illusive as a FAKE pathogen flu? Imagine how the media could spin that? It’s got to be the answer to why they don’t show themselves. NO JOKE.

We as a planet are very easily duped. The human race are idiots – But why? Because instead of thinking for ourselves we believe anybody! We have been trained this way from birth, our schools continuing it, the law system pounding it home, with our religious system insisting we believe in something we cannot see. (incidentally I have a sneaking suspicion that we were genetically modified to be this way – nice little robotic, obedient rule followers and slaves)

How easy is it then to get us to believe in invisible fake pathogens and invisible aliens?

This is as ridiculous as my father telling me, if he said the sky was purple, then it was because he paid the bills. (IE: had a power I didn’t) This reminds me of the movie “Cool Hand Luke” : “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” where the power people made everyone’s life hell, because they could. No one seems to realize that is exactly where we are headed. Its like we want – are ASKING for the abuse! and Trust Me, THIS IS ABUSE. Just because people choose to accept it doesn’t make it not abuse, it just marks them as ill.

And the only crime non-Vaxers commit is non-capitulation – the crime of daring to think differently.

It used to be that if you were psychic you hid it, but today if you think rationally or disagree with the massive indoctrination media campaign – you must hide it. Because now there are thought police and censorship against any idea that doesn’t conform to the main stream media programming. 

Sadly most people don’t have the skills to think for themselves or the guts to stand up for what they think if it goes against the” normal”, especially the  “New” normal. And those who do, are simply washed from the system. Taken down. Wiped clean from the community with No Recourse. Vanished. Gone.


No debate – just like I was supposed to say to my father: “Yes Sir, Sir! The sky is purple!”

(not on your fucking life!)

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