The Virus who cried “Wolf!” too many times

There was a recent article the Joseph P. Farrell blogged about called: Scientists Collect Animal DNA From Air For the First Time Ever. 

The proof-of-concept study, published in the journal PeerJ, opens up potential for new ecological, health and forensic applications of environmental DNA (eDNA), which to-date has mainly been used to survey aquatic environments.

Living organisms such as plants and animals shed DNA into their surrounding environments as they interact with them. In recent years, eDNA has become an important tool to help scientists identify species found within different environments. However, whilst a range of environmental samples, including soil and air, have been proposed as sources of eDNA until now most studies have focused on the collection of eDNA from water.

In this study, the researchers explored whether eDNA could be collected from air samples and used to identify animal species. They first took air samples from a room which had housed naked mole-rats, a social rodent species that live in underground colonies, and then used existing techniques to check for DNA sequences within the sampled air.

Using this approach, the research team showed that airDNA sampling could successfully detect mole-rat DNA within the animal’s housing and from the room itself. The scientists also found human DNA in the air samples suggesting a potential use of this sampling technique for forensic applications.


Every living thing sheds. DNA, RNA, skin cells, hair, pollen, bacteria, viruses, you name it, we shed it. What nobody ever thinks about is that, ‘air’ is a fluid also, under pressure – its own, and that it is just filled with stuff. We swim in this daily – live in it. Remember those pictures back in the day of fish swimming in the air? Well, really, it wasn’t wrong. It’s everywhere, in everything and there is no way to avoid it. We are swimming in the living DNA of everything  in the lighter waters (air) of the earth. 

That’s not to mention the bits and pieces of DNA (RNA) which are in the same sea – so: do you think that these bodies who have existed this way for thousands of years would have made it this long without the adequate inborn mechanisms to handle it? What do you think an odor is? Just bits and pieces floating off one thing in this sea of air over to us so we smell it, and trust me those bits and pieces are far larger than some and yet, can you see a smell??? Nope. You can’t.

Everything is covered in everything and to think you are going to prevent the reception of one particular ‘viral’ baddy by wearing a mask is simply ludicrous. Further, thinking that you are going to be impervious to it by shooting your body full of garbage to prevent it, will simply confuse that body making it less able to do what it was designed to do. The evidence of how our bodies have done it up to now, is us, here, still walking around.

See what I mean? 

Its about as ludicrous as air swimming fish…

Just in the last few decades we have, it seems, been inundated by a whole bunch of new baddies that were slated to kill us all, not counting the stealth attempts of cancer, auto-immune diseases and HIV:

  • Ebola virus disease 
  • Avian influenza A(H7N9)virus
  • Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
  • Pandemic (H1N1) 2009
  • Influenza at the Human-Animal Interface (HAI)

And it goes on and on, and my point is, here we still are. The viruses have not vanished us off the face of this world, so instead the viruses have become a tool for the boy who cried wolf to get everybody all up in arms and locked down. It’s time to smack that kid upside the head and teach him a lesson about lying.

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