Infiltrated Yesteryear

4/11 is today’s date, but this also used to be the number you dialed on a phone to get directory assistance, information for phone numbers, and an actual Human Being answered and gave you the number, verbally – a real person. I can only imagine the stories those ladies had to tell were pretty interesting. People used to be in service to people, they used to be polite and they used to be helpful and understanding. You used to be able to actually make a living in public service that would garner a modest but nice life style. People used to really like their jobs and being nice. And it was all 9-5, M-F jobs. They had a Life

Now, today, even the receptionists at salons – young ‘snowflake-Karens’ specialize in being snotty. People being nice to each other, performing a service with a smile, is a thing of the past. Children the age of my grandchildren think they have the right to mistreat you and all with an attitude. In a world that is falling apart these kids see no reason at all to care. In a way I don’t blame them, but they will not get what they want: safety, by being a weak, nasty, ineffective adult. This attitude comes right out of online bad manners and from parents who have no time and are disenfranchised trying to provide a standard of living that became impossible after the 1950’s. The ‘New Normal’ has been happening for about 70 years. Slowly eroding our values and our hearts from underneath. Even if your intentions were to care and lead a just and good life the chances of being able to do that went down exponentially every year since WW2.

1/2 generations of families since then (it didn’t take very long) we are nearly unrecognizable as the children of WW2. I have lived this span of years here and watched as everything that made people human, vanish into a dream.

Vanish into a Covid panic. Eroded from the inside out, crumbling into dust. Polite society, a thing of the past, good manners, common sense and the value of your elders wisdom, common basic respect of others becoming so alien, so looked down upon, so disparaged, that they have vanished in the dust. Evil has crept in upon the earth, slowly and quietly unnoticed to rot out the foundations of what it is to be human.

Something in my naivety and faith I thought evil at that level was impossible. I guess not. We were all asleep after WW2 – we put elbow grease into the faith that if we just worked hard, kept our noses to the grindstone, we could repair the damages the war created. And we all said ” NEVER again!”  Evil understood this and took another path. Infiltration from the bottom up. Slowly, imperceptively seeping into every aspect of life, subsuming everything we created to be strong and alive on this world. And now, we are in a far greater mess than the shards that were leftover from WW2. Everything we think we had built, for progress into the future, is being revealed as an empty-husk, a facade, a street of buildings and supposed commerce with nothing behind the fronts, like a Wild West movie set. And the people have become programmed, biological cyborgs with no soul in them. No inner sense of self, moral or inner principle – no raison d’être. No compass. What is it going to take to repair this damage – assuming we realize what and how this current war has happened – and IF we win? Just like Covid, its really hard to see something that is invisible and the current enemy is. How do you fight what you can’t see?

You must learn to see the enemy by the trail of destruction left behind in its wake as it acts. So look around you – start taking an inventory of change. Determine the direction of that change and decide whether its good or bad. Then you will know.

But in doing so-you will be responsible for changing it – at least in your own life. Be prepared, it will be the hardest thing you have ever done. Snowflakes and Karen’s need not apply. You have a choice, to go back into your programmed drug induced coma, or, you can wake up and fight.

We need you.

2 thoughts on “Infiltrated Yesteryear”

  1. Not in contradiction, but unawares of the direction we have been ‘herded’ towards. At least from an older perspective… We need to take the blindfold off and make a course correction. imo.


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