Say Goodnight, Gracie.

There is a pattern that anybody who’s been down the UFO rabbit hole will recognize being used on the general public with CV19. I’ve written about this pattern – the 20 year cycle that is similar to the honeymoon pattern of a wife beater, or psychopath/narcissist. The one where you get gas lighted, jerked around and mentally fucked with, the carrot dangle – only to have it all pulled out from under you. Because really – it was all a house of cards made on lies and disinformation to hide a great big something.

This exact pattern is now going on with all the Covid bullshit. People are just not seeing it at all. 

The viral break out, then the two week lockdown that morphed into months and then years, the masking and the 6 feet apart bull shit that created virtue signaling, the vaccines that would take care of all of it, except that they don’t now, and you can still get the Covid – mind you, the vaccs were supposed to eliminate covid if you got one – now, they are only lasting for 6 months or less and you need boosters. Not to mention the much touted variants – that they say the vaccination will not protect from, popping up all over the world. Not to mention the unreported, silenced, side effects of an untested DNA experiment that exempts you from insurance coverage the moment it goes in your arm – and what it may do to you 6 mos. to years later – or your children. All the while this tool, the Covid scamdemic, was being used to fuck the elections and reduce our rights, our freedoms, our speech and our guns. Aaaaand that’s just the outside of the lie. Just what John Q. Public gets to know while they pat themselves on the back for being ‘woke’ and dabbling in conspiracy theory!

The hidden innards of this book of lies is the unimaginable. Population reduction, satanic religion, ET take overs, communist ideology shoved down our throats, social control beyond credulity, mind control and just the out and out massacre of billions humans on an in-your-face massive level.  Vaccinations are the new Auschwitz ovens. (bend over)

And people STILL do not see it.

Say goodnight Gracie. 

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