There is a Disturbance in the Force

I have a peculiar problem. I am ultra sensitive to frequency and therefore change in frequency. Like any vibration, say for example sound, after a while you get to the place where you can tune it out. It’s the only way I survive. People are loud… how ever, when I sit in my garden surrounded by my trees and plants, just like sound, they buffer all the vibrations from people and broadcast. Winter is difficult, to say the least. 

Getting to my point, I have noticed that there has been a frequency change, almost a degradation in the last 11 days or so, that has gotten more annoying as the days have gone by. It has taken a greater amount of energy – internal will, to balance out my system so it feels comfortable. Usually I can adapt without being conscious of having to adapt, but not recently. I have had to apply focused conscious energy to it daily. My sleep has also been effected. Years ago I was having very active bright dreams where I would work harder in dream time then when I was awake, which was saying a lot because I had two small children. I finally said “ENOUGH!” to my self because my babies’ well being was more important and I couldn’t be tired during the day. Those dreams stopped. Now, they only come randomly with sometimes years in between them. My sleep is a time of utter restoration and healing. Well, even that has been disturbed recently. Only my dreams have the quality of the lower astral – a place I try to stay out of just like I stay out of dark alleys at night.

So, today I was talking to my chiropractor about it. Of course he knows my sensitivity level so he said after I regaled him with all of the above, “Do you think that since so many people have at this point been vaccinated, that the vibe has changed and you are basically picking up that change?” Ok, whack me between my eyeballs, uhm, yeah, I do. Not only has the basic people frequency changed, but it has been ‘soured’, it’s slightly out of phase with what has always been. IT IS NOT IN A HARMONIC.

Of course the biggest change in the overall population has been the vaccinations. Not covid. Covid is the fucking flu. But the mRNA now reproducing in every cell of those vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna is not a normal part of our viral flora. It IS changing all who have it at a cellular level, changing their ‘frequency’ you might say. Humans have an electromagnetic field they emit. It is a combination of the heart cells that cause the blood to pump, and the brain cells that are continuously firing. It might be that this very basic field of humanity in those vaccinated has changed and reached the tipping point within the last 11 days and has now become noticeable. I have noticed. That’s all that this is about. Do you Notice?

Of course, the question is, will there be an even greater effect as more people finish their vaccinations and get their boosters? Will the unvaccinated notice too – will it change the way we deal with the world?

2 thoughts on “There is a Disturbance in the Force”

  1. I have been grasping for some sort of explanation for how I’ve been feeling recently. I am so angered and put on edge by sounds, certain people etc. I’ve always been sensitive and good at reading people. Lately it’s been more hypersensitive. My family makes fun of me and thinks there’s something wrong with me. Your explanation almost put me in tears because I felt completely alone. I’ve been made to feel I’m the problem. Do you have any advice for coping with all this?


    1. I devise and try out strategies for different situations, and modify them if they don’t work. Your family will understand things in the manner they perceive them, there are times when they will not be able to comprehend you because they are not perceiving what you do (akin to a blind person vs. a sighted one, you can’t fault the bind man for not seeing.) it also helps when I notice what the information coming to me means because it makes better sense. If you can, provide refuge for your self away from all the buzzing of life to sort these things out. It’s a step by step process. And, breathe.


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