No Matter how Bad it Hurts…

Greg Carlwood does it again in this interview of Dr. Andrew Wakefield about his movie “1986: The Act”. In just the first, public hour of this show, it is everything I thought I wanted to know about the covid Scamdemic but wish I hadn’t. Through this last year, the hardest thing I have had to swallow has been the bitter pill of just how heinous this part of the population that wants to eradicate us ‘normies’ is. 

This IS premeditation (in decades!!!) with intent to kill. It used to be that kind of evidence in a court of law would get you life. But the Justice system is broken. Nobody is going to ‘take care’ of the problem. The courts have been blackmailed and the people who would and could press this issue have been silenced – including RFK Jr. 

If you listen to this interview be prepared to heart broken. And if you go look up the movie at and then peruse down to the watch by chapters page, be prepared to cry at the personal stories (my chest actually physically hurts).

But you should. You should know. No matter how bad it hurts.

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