Dip Your Toes in…

The UFO speculation of the “June” event is ramping up. The “Covid” event is almost over and as Mr. Collier says, the regressives have failed, but now they need another idea to keep their plan running. Aliens anybody? 

Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Laura Eisenhower, Paola Harris are all “old school”. Because I tend to agree with them – so am I. It comforts me. Yet, I am falling into a complacency trap – knowingly. I can hope. However, it would behoove me to keep an open mind. Be ready for anything and realize that just like this world – every approach we have towards UFO’s and their occupants, the ‘phenomena’, maybe totally wrong in ways our paradigms just can’t see through. The more trained and ensconced you are, the harder it is to truly perceive what is in front of you. 

Being that I am by my nature awfully suspicious and wary, I expect shenanigans around this because people like shenanigans! Sadly, the truth maybe just boring – but somehow, I don’t think so, by its very nature the “truth” is always interesting.

But “truth” is a product of human understanding and very human perception. As humans we still are wrapped around our survival predicates. Most of what we believe, want to believe and create is still in that paradigm. And if you are wise you will take that reality into consideration when looking at the accepted truths today. We have had some rude, and very costly awakenings lately with our leaders and experts in the world. Its been tough for people to wrap their heads around what goes on because of it, and really look at what is actually happening.

When it was prophesied this was the time of the great awakening – the apocalypse, they weren’t kidding. And everybody thought, “I got this!”, until they didn’t. For some, this has cost them their health in tragic ways. For some, it has literally cost them their lives. Most certainly, it has cost them their freedom.

And quite frankly, if the regressives can politicize medicine, they can politicize UFO’s. IMO, its already in the pipeline. And that’s because if they can control ‘How you look at events”, ‘How you respond’, they STILL CONTROL THE NARRATIVE! And they, my friends, are about at the end of their tether, desperate, and they have shown their hand to anybody awake enough to look.

I would think it would behoove the best paradigm crunchers on the earth (we UFO people) to strip away the last tattered rags of their bid for dominion through our dogged determination to get to the truth & find it!

So, we have an either-or (I hate those because they are so easily manipulated) either other off planet life exists and is visiting, or there is no life out there, or a Both-and situation. Both-and provides so many more nuances and matches real life so much better and gets closer to reality. And what is the reality of this? IMO, it a spectrum just like real life. It runs the gamut from dark to light and all the colors in between – and much further past the edges of our perceptive biological limits. Which would mean even this planet is full of intelligences we are not aware of, and that other dimensions abut this one and everything we do here, effects there, and there is other life out there and it has been visiting forever and some of those people even walk amongst us and we don’t know it, and who knows maybe we taste pretty good… and on and on….

And we, really, have yet to even dip our big toes in it.

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