A Bunch of Scientists

Today is season 2 premiere of ‘The Secret of Skin Walker Ranch’ on History Channel. It will be about the science. Facts. Information about a geographical area that is different than most land in the country. I CAN’T WAIT!

IMO, ( that means from here to the end of the article I am speculating and that is not science – but it’s lots of fun!) There are lots of places on the earth where the frequency of the geology is different enough for things to act/react differently from the surrounding land. 

Its ALL about the frequency. Both of the land and the minds/hearts of those close to that land. Its an interaction. Its also about limited human perception. We cannot sense this frequency change – maybe even “confusion” and those who go there walk right into things that if they could perceive, they would walk around! Kind of like a mud puddle, you avoid stepping in it – but the mud its self is/can be useful. And of course, men want to use it to do things with it. AND because it’s “the great awakening” it will lead them directly into learning about a science that has been banned for quite sometime (aether) to understand its quirkiness, which isn’t quirky after all.

Frequency & magnetism. The ranch is a place where the ratio is slightly off – or different. They are going to discover why and probably what is causing it. One part of a theory I have is that if we already have the technology to take ET home that “they” already know what is going on and have left it up to the rest of us to find it. Because in my cosmology, we all are missing a huge chunk of relative data that would, if we could open our brains past the box of academic science, explain this. And, IMO there will be no understanding until we do. If 1+2=3, but you don’t know what a ‘2’ is, then you’ll never be able to solve for 3. Fact. We have to learn about and discover 2, or nothing will add up. 

Now onto intention, state of mind and manifestation. When your intention and your emotions harmonize, you manifest. The reason people are surprised or inaccurate in manifesting is because we aren’t very honest about our intention, we aren’t clear about it, because we have been taught to hide it from ourselves. Effectively, we lie to our own selves, inside, about why we do some things. But, when intention and mind matches, things happen like magic and we call it synchronicity. We call this balance or imbalance something other than what it is because we are not supposed to know how to manifest. Afterall, who needs an authoritative god when you can answer your own wants, needs and dreams? Also we don’t like looking at the truth of ourselves because our intent reveals that most of the time we are not very nice people… or something like that…

What if the ranch, because its frequency is different, manifests easier, or oddly, or in line with what is there? Then you add the legend of the weird things that happen in that geographical area and its a recipe for exactly what goes on there.

It seems to be the perfect place to unmask the dark places, or at least the unrecognized and denied places of the human psyche.

Luckily we have a bunch of Scientists out there.

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