Everybody is trotting out their stuff again, now that Randy Kramer re-iterated Carol Rosen and everything has gone crazy just as his time line asserts: 

  1. Virus
  2. Civil war 
  3. Super Power war 
  4. Alien invasion
  5. US can then bring out some of the secret ‘big tech’ 
  6. New aliens arrive who are very human to ‘help’
  7. We win and break through the glass ceiling on three important points: ET embargo, Trade embargo with rest of the solar system and other places and the Consciousness embargo

We are almost at number 4…

 If this level of crazy is similar to having telepathy and hearing everybody all at once…

This is a huge gordian knot – I mean everything is all conjoined at the hip: the gov’t of the United States falling apart, the ET question with Jaques Vallee and Paola Harris blowing the entire lid off 70 years of gov’t secrecy on ET’s and UFO’s, the realization that covid 19 and the subsequent vaxes were no more than a depopulation plot that still might work, are all interconnected! Having all this on the net and on everyone’s minds – makes this a very LOUD planet. All these minds here, who don’t know themselves, without a moment of inner peace… all the inner talk, all the problems, the needs, the fears, the happy… It would make a real telepathic race feel like we are a planet of two year old’s at nap time. And I have heard that telepathy is the key to everything in the UFO world….

I get it. Here we are in the middle of a planetary crisis, louder than ever, not having the first idea of what is going on, or how to solve it all, yelling in our heads and all over the internet about it… OMG…. 

Not to say there isn’t good reason for it, there is. We have been ‘Chicken-Littled’, psyopped on a very powerful level and we are running around yelling “The sky is falling! The sky is falling”. Even when we know who’s doing it and why, who their partners are, we are swallowing their ‘fooly’ hook, line and sinker, resisting with all our might the obvious facts, because it doesn’t matter what the facts are, it only matters what we have been told to think! This shows how much we really know about what is going on: NOTHING. 


A very early example containing the basic motif and many of the elements of the tale is some 25 centuries old and appears in the Buddhist scriptures as the Daddabha Jataka (J 322).[1] In it, the Buddha,  tells the story of a hare disturbed by a falling fruit who believes that the earth is coming to an end. The hare starts a stampede among the other animals until a lion halts them, investigates the cause of the panic and restores calm.[36] The fable teaches the necessity for deductive reasoning and subsequent investigation – FORENSICS… ahem. The name “Chicken Little” – and the fable’s central phrase, The sky is falling! – have been applied to people accused of being unreasonably afraid, and or those trying to incite an unreasonable fear in those around them. (and we know who that is)

I heard once and I tend to agree that, ‘Truth is nuanced, facts are not. Facts become Truth when they are absorbed and inform our actions and thoughts.’ We are creating new truths by learning new information. Information sometimes costs in modification of belief systems and behaviour. But, all we have at this point is speculation. This has been a tough one to wade through because so many know so little, the speculation is rampant and usually ends up being the worst we can imagine rather than the best.

So this is us at the worst of times trying to be the best we can. I wonder if we can get an ‘A’ for effort?

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