DNA Origami

So earlier today I was viewing Kerry Cassidy’s latest interview with Dr. Robert Young. The question was asked, what does the nano in the vaccines do? And just by chance I ran into this information and pulled a few article abstracts – looks like it can to be programmed to do anything they want it to.


I have learned a new and tantalizing term: DNA Origami. It is a technique of using DNA as building blocks for the creation of of nanoparticles to grown in various environments, in various sizes and depending on the coating applied and its electric charge allowing various functions. It is one of the newest methods in the field of nanotechnology. It could have groundbreaking implications in the targeted treatment of cancer.


The articles I found:


DNA Origami with Complex Curvatures in Three-Dimensional Space


We present a strategy to design and construct self-assembling DNA nanostructures that define intricate curved surfaces in three-dimensional (3D) space using the DNA origami folding technique. Double-helical DNA is bent to follow the rounded contours of the target object, and potential strand crossovers are subsequently identified. Concentric rings of DNA are used to generate in-plane curvature, constrained to 2D by rationally designed geometries and crossover networks. Out-of-plane curvature is introduced by adjusting the particular position and pattern of crossovers between adjacent DNA double helices, whose conformation often deviates from the natural, B-form twist density. A series of DNA nanostructures with high curvature—such as 2D arrangements of concentric rings and 3D spherical shells, ellipsoidal shells, and a nanoflask—were assembled.


Virus-Encapsulated DNA Origami Nanostructures for Cellular Delivery


DNA origami structures can be programmed into arbitrary shapes with nanometer scale precision, which opens up numerous attractive opportunities to engineer novel functional materials. One intriguing possibility is to use DNA origamis for fully tunable, targeted, and triggered drug delivery. In this work, we demonstrate the coating of DNA origami nanostructures with virus capsid proteins for enhancing cellular delivery. Our approach utilizes purified cowpea chlorotic mottle virus capsid proteins that can bind and self-assemble on the origami surface through electrostatic interactions and further pack the origami nanostructures inside the viral capsid. Confocal microscopy imaging and transfection studies with a human HEK293 cell line indicate that protein coating improves cellular attachment and delivery of origamis into the cells by 13-fold compared to bare DNA origamis. The presented method could readily find applications not only in sophisticated drug delivery applications but also in organizing intracellular reactions by origami-based templates.


So, for your edification. There are a lot of articles on google scholar. Research in this field has a decade or more of work behind it.

2 thoughts on “DNA Origami”

  1. “There are a lot of articles on google scholar. By the way John Burrough’s book was published BEFORE we knew about CV19 or the Vaxxes.”
    Many thanks for taking time to read the book. I must add, I do not want the book associated with the Robert Young interview as the book is unrelated to his opinions on Coronavirus.

    Material Science and applications utilizing programmable mater is the subject of my personal input to the book by JAMES WORROW, JOHN F BURROUGHS. WEAPONISATION OF AN UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENON: THE RENDLESHAM FOREST UAP INCIDENT 40 Years Later (p. 206). KDP. Kindle Edition.
    Sent with kind regards, James Worrow.

    There are many applications regarding Nano tech. Including the following..https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fchem.2020.589959/full


    1. “I do not want the book associated with the Robert Young interview as the book is unrelated to his opinions on Coronavirus.”

      I understand, and I will rewrite the article and take your reference out of it.

      I am not academically trained. I have no degrees or certificates. However, I have a knack, sort of, probably because I wasn’t trained, for pattern recognition without field specialty bias. I am more willing to connect dots than classically trained persons, much to (usually) their laughter, and or horror.
      This is a huge gordian knot – I mean everything is all conjoined at the hip: the gov’t of the United States falling apart, the ET question with Jaques Vallee and Paola Harris blowing the entire lid off 70 years of gov’t secrecy on ET’s and UFO’s, the realization that covid 19 and the subsequent vaxes were no more than a depopulation plot that still might work, are all interconnected!
      I heard once and I tend to agree that, ‘Truth is nuanced, facts are not. Facts become Truth when they are absorbed and inform our actions and thoughts.’ We are creating new truths by learning new information. Information sometimes costs in modification of belief systems and behaviour. But, all we have at this point is rife speculation.
      And, I was speculating. Obviously. The entire blog is dedicated to opine and speculation exactly for the purpose of stimulating original thinking.
      We have been ‘Chicken-Littled’, psyopped on a very powerful level and we are running around yelling “The sky is falling! The sky is falling”. Even when we know who’s doing it and why, who their partners are, we are swallowing their ‘fooly’ hook, line and sinker, resisting with all our might the obvious facts, because it doesn’t matter what the facts are, it only matters what you have been told to think! This shows how much we really know about what is going on: NOTHING. GI-GO.
      To the non-scientific population, the current mess we are embroiled in on many levels is utterly unnavigable. In my opinion, on purpose. There is no sense to be made because of educational level and purposeful obliteration of ANY facts, research or narrative out side of the current pogrom. ( and yes I meant extermination of a huge swath of the world’s population IMO).
      A recent article published by the Salk Institute (https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-04-coronavirus-spike-protein-additional-key.amp?__twitter_impression=true&s=09) about how the spike protein alone can and does cause major problems with the endothelial layer of the vascular system shows that the current “vaccines” for CV19 were poorly thought out, but the plethora of research and published papers show that may be wrong. It, IMO suggests intentionality. What is one to think? I will not even go into the provable statistical mistakes or intentional mislabeling of the death data, or the PCR testing debacle.
      How does this relate to the US gov’t? through money and economic manipulation. And the UFO question? Let’s just consider the 70 years of lies surrounding that, shall we? Even discounting hidden technology and the projected change that would have on the economy and quality of life for human beings living here, it would also drastically change a number of areas of monetary stability and drastically limit the profits of thereof. Need I say more? Rule #1 on this rock: Never EVER disrupt the status quo.
      Thank you for the link to the article. It proves the technology has gotten to the place where it could very easily be manipulated for a dark mass depopulation agenda, but it also proves that good people do good research for the right reasons that could greatly help humanity. If they are ever allowed to.

      I greatly appreciated your book. I have followed John Burroughs for a long time – have been aware that it is the size (frequency) of the energy encountered, that in harmonic resonance can effect change in the human organism. This connects to rife technology which (of course) was banned a while back for being used to heal instead of harm. (IMO)
      Thank you for taking the time to write a response to the article. I appreciate it.


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