Rule 91

When you decide to walk away, don’t look back.

(or, my rule #1. When you are done, you are done.)

This applies to so many things in my life today. Engineered 3-part bioweapons, masks and virtue signaling, teeny-tiny despots, psychopathic egomaniacs with lots of money and a fine hate of anything that bleeds red, normies who just don’t care, anyone who holds back vital information for ANY reason, liars, and the list goes on and on. To the cost of dear, dear, loved ones, next door neighbors, innocent children, the planet, if you can think of it, add it to this list.

All of you causing this, you are done. I’m over it: and you, you are just plain over. Unfortunately, I have no way off the planet and no way of knowing that it would be any better out there. I feel like calling an exterminator – one that humanely traps the pests and releases them elsewhere… but that would almost put me on par with the sick regressives causing all this. I would pray to god, but ‘he’ would say, “Clean up your house.” and I feel about as powerful and capable as a wet gnat.

This is the first morning of the year that I am able to sit outside and feel the earth in the predawn hours, when the minds around me are drugged with sleep and all is deeply quiet. It seems to me the theme of this year is Strength of Will. (at least for me) I struggle with my mind, it wants to forget the moment to moment busy stuff to do and I notice it in the added minutes I have to use to repeat an action to get a task done.  -Stress related –  I have had to look at mother earth and her beauty and promise, hope for the future that I once felt and realize that it has been subjugated into the morass of games being played at this time. We are invaded, and as much as I want to stay away from the CV19 connection to the invaders, I find that I cannot. (whether they be from China, or off world, or both) The people who cooked this all up are assholes – really. I just never wanted to have to go there, but it seems I must call a spade, a spade. There is no choice, past this point it would be walking straight into denial. Uncomfortable facts must be dealt with head on.

The need to know the ‘who’ is not for blaming, but to make the assessment of the situation clearer. To stare the problem down and tackle it head on and clean it out – to be able to take appropriate action. In war or crisis – of which this both, you fix the problem, then you have feelings about it. There is no time for panic, fear or any emotional reaction in any crisis unless you want to die. Panic = loss of life. I wrote a while back at the beginning of this mess a year ago in an article called Frog Song, about the war being fought with a nano army.

 Uri Geller last week: He had said basically that the engineered virus has antennae on it that were always active, always in contact with the manufacturer (or controller) and could be activated in a number of ways not the least of which was by quantum entanglement through quantum computers. Uri also said in that interview that the ones who come up with the cure are also the creators of said virus…

What I have been able to put together from the information that has come my way since I asked the universe the above question is; this virus is a nano-army, and we are invaded already, hell, we are so limited in our perception that we could have been invaded 5 times over and never even realized it.

What everyone has seemed to pass over or forget recently about the gene modification experimental shot with nano particles is the research of Charles Leiber:

Lieber was in fact working on virus transmitters that could penetrate cell membranes without affecting the intercellular functions and even measure activities inside heart cells and muscle fibers.

Dr. Leiber joined Harvard in 1991. In his early days at the university, he made great strides in the field by growing nanowires in a flask. Researchers before Leiber were already creating wire-like structures with the help of semiconductors, metals and other materials. However, their approach would be quite expensive and would need clean-room facilities like the ones used by computer chip-makers.

In contrast, Lieber could create nanostructures using nothing but simple and inexpensive chemical techniques. He even went a step further to show how these nanowires could be used as transistors, complex logic circuits, data storage devices, and even sensors.

Leiber noted that “continued shrinkage ultimately becomes problematic in terms of just how one achieves [it].” Instead, he created tiny logic circuits and memory – the two main components of a computer – using nanowires. And these circuits were really tiny, some of which just a few atoms across!

Ten years later, Leiber created a transistor so small it can be used to penetrate cell membranes and probe their interiors (sounds like what a virus does, except a virus’s programming to wreak havoc, isn’t it?), without affecting the intercellular functions. The bio-compatible transistor – the size of a virus – can not only measure activities inside a neuron but also heart cells and muscle fibers.

In 2017, Leiber and his team successfully created flexible 3D nanowires mesh that can inject into the brain or retina of an animal, attach itself to the neurons and monitor electrical signals between the cells.

The importance of nanotechnology in advanced warfare can be understood from the fact that the United States’ Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the largest supporters of nanotechnology research. They have funded hundreds of millions of dollars into various research related to nanoelectronics and nanomaterials.

The technology could help create nanosensors and nanocoatings that military could use to protect soldiers against chemical and biological attacks. The fact that nanosensors can detect microscopic quantities of chemicals means it can be used as an effective early warning system against chemical warfare agents such as nerve agents and blood agents.

One half of my progeny saw the danger, and one half didn’t. Like a lot of others I know, all we can do is hope for the best and pray. By this time next year we will begin to see long term results and they will either be negligible, or not. I am hoping that human resiliency and adaptability win out. I am still clinging to our proven track record of survival. We win, they lose. Problem over. They are over.  Finis.

Rule 91….

(Psst! Add these to the Leiber info above – this isn’t just speculation. We have had this tech for a while now. ) Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine: the future of COVID-19 pandemic/endemic therapy Plasmonic Nanomaterial-Based Optical Biosensing Platforms for Virus Detection  Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine

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