Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Sometimes the best way to get a handle on things is to look at yourself. I keep wondering about my ‘circumstances’ and I am reminded of The Mirror. That what I see that I think is exterior to my self is simply reflecting my inner self, inner conditions. My writing for the last two years has been angry and full of hurt with the resonating shards of betrayal. I know this but it has also freed me up to see it in the world so my writing mostly says “LOOK HERE, DAMNIT!”.

I mean, good heavens we have everybody’s assumptions based on their life’s apprehensions and an assortment of odd occurrences with the flotsam of various bits and pieces, and we are trying to put together a shattered ‘something’ with no idea of what it looked like when it was whole. (and I’m not talking just nuts and bolts craft or even ET, but the whole nine yards. – Which reminds me of the pilot for Star Trek where they tried to put a woman back together with no idea of what a human looked like) All the while hoping to discover function from form, to draw forensic clues from the pieces left behind, sort of like academic archeologists – who are mostly wrong due to a restricted, accepted body of incorrect assumptions…

There are those who can look at this with the capacity to step back, to try to widen their scope of view, but not knowing which direction to look, to pay attention. Then there are those a step further who notice and use patterns for clues as to where to look. However the need to step completely out of the façade to look is almost impossible, as this whole narrative is vastly created – mostly so that any logical linear direction is a mis-direction. Even those who look ‘inside’ (RV) are mis-directed as all elements of this are camouflaged. 

I have tried to bang around inside all of them to see what would shake loose – tried to be as wildly open minded as possible…but how do you find your way out of a maze where every human contingency has been planned for?

How do you suss-out an intelligence that has a totally different perception of reality and therefore no human referents? Where the forensics you have make no sense? Where going ‘direct’ makes no sense? Its like the Three Blind Men trying to ‘know’ what the elephant looks like. And we have no eyes. We can’t see what is apparently staring us in the face and when we try everybody’s experience is different.

And so, I assume (lol, hush, I’m already an ass so it doesn’t count), we are missing a great big piece, I speculate that there is a physics at work here that contains the structure we are looking for within which much of this would make sense. A framework that some people know and are using to their great advantage, that others have discovered and been silenced for, risking their very lives to educate the rest of us on what they have found. 

I will say this, with what Mark McCandlish knows – which we all know if you have listened to any of his presentations, and his up coming testimony to the UFO inquiry board, then his murder, it is obvious that this particular puzzle piece is off the board. The truth is still going to be hidden because they are still not willing to openly admit we’ve been off planet now since the 50’s. That cadre of people have this mystery science and are putting it to selfish good use. They are IMO, planning on using it to create more fear and panic around !Aliens! They are planning on using it to move the population around, to finish culling what Covid will miss. They are planning on using it to scare us to death and even deeper into the New World Order. IMO, of course – 

But here we are – it always comes down to a convenient ‘they’ a someone else – a someone to blame, a perp… and we are back to that mirror thing, again.

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