The New Paradigm: Redo your living room!

Nothing is ever inert, even if we can’t see the movement its moving. Just think on the level of electric charge: neg (-) and pos (+) ions doing their dance. Expand that to chemistry and potentials and the laws that govern well behaved compounds and those that are explosive. And if it isn’t moving it carries potential and that potential awaits interaction and on it goes.

Now, think of the population of earth in a similar manner. If the preponderance of the dark entropic force holding much of the population quiet to the point of almost death were not so strong right now, there would be no coming explosion of light – information build up. When that happens, and it will (its simple physics) every last person(molecule) will be thrown into motion (awareness) and for a time the darkness will be obliterated, the pendulum reaching its greatest amplitude –  in that period of time while it defeats gravity just before it starts to move in the other direction (that moment of wonderous weightlessness you feel on a swing just before you start to move the other direction) a reorganization occurs, a focus towards the next vector, until the new order of things settles down and the pendulum starts its long slow swing in the other direction. The universe breathes. As do we. 

To bring in new information, enough to launch a new paradigm (direction) the old paradigm must be shattered, and then reorganized into a more efficient form. Kind of like changing your living room around to better suit its current function. And when you move all the flotsam and jetsam like magazines and papers and TV remotes (et al) and find missing bits and pieces, and things stuck in couch cushions (mostly ear buds and dog chews) in preparation to move the actual couch, you find stuff you had forgotten you owned under the couch (mostly missing socks, more dog chews, maybe the flip flop you thought the dog ate – who knows). Its total disarray before you put it all back together in a better way. But when you are finished, you have a higher order than before and  your room looks, feels and acts new.

This current debacle we are wading through not only has dust under the couch, but some dead rats and a cockroach or two – (gives me the willies). The only thing good about this are the people who have shown up to help move the furniture who bring their strength and integrity and brilliance to the party, who bravely collect the rats and bugs and take them out to the garbage heap to be burned. Those who put their life and limb in extreme jeopardy to prove that rats are rats…

The bad thing about this party is that the rats have been at it for a long time and the nest has to be cleared out, the walls and the furniture inspected for hidden nests and the roaches, just plain exterminated. This is hard work, because there is no living room fairy with a magic wand to come rushing in to save the day. Its nitty gritty work that must be done, with bleach and hot water and gloves and a scrub brush. The grime and the sweat are inevitable and so is the elbow grease. 

To find what has been hidden, you must take it all a part. 

IMO we are in the middle of dismantling our societal norm. Actually, it feels more like we are ripping it a part. Maybe we are. When you take a Band-Aid off its best to do it fast. 

I have used every metaphor I could think of to say society has changed. It can never go back to what I grew up with which for all its glory, was really only a dream, a carrot dangle. It will never go back, be the same, because it wasn’t real. It could get better. It could get worse. We could lose many people we love due to medical poisoning, I hope against hope we don’t, but that will all be a matter of timing. We could begin our new relationship with the rest of the galaxy in peace, or not, depending on how much money the ‘ultra’-elite are willing to give up and how much they are willing to work through their xenophobia. (yah, its theirs, not ours) It all depends on how willing we are to rearrange our living rooms, kick out the messy offenders with the bad attitudes and clean up our living space. 

I’m ready. I have a pressure washer and all the fancy attachments and I’ll share.

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