you remove the UFO issue, either by telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or even by telling half the truth that includes the new (to us) technology we have funded through taxation, of our blood sweat and tears, 


  • Big Oil falls, (antigrav technology)
  • The Electrical power grid must restructure (free energy minus the cost of  infrastructure management)
  • The oil, coal, water turbine, wind turbine and associated industries fail.
  • The Auto industry must restructure
  • The Flight industry will fall, crash and burn (including NASA, Musk et all and all the monies funneled to them dry up, Rocketry and all explosive antiquated technology become obsolete) 
  • Most all of the lobbies in congress go away
  • Big Pharma and the allopathic medicine only paradigm mostly roll over and die (because frequency technology)
  • All the associated billion dollar a year supportive techno-businesses die
  • Covid becomes a non issue 
  • Government is restructured
  • Military is restructured
  • Big Agriculture is restructured
  • Science can progress after a hundred year hiatus from the truth
  • There are a billion things left on this list

BUT we are left with the ethical and moral implications of the crimes of those who played this game without any care for lives lost, or quality of life for those who gave their blood, sweat and tears. This is what they are so very afraid of. Not that we can’t take the realization of other people who live in, off or around this planet, no. They are terrified of paying the piper once their crimes are exposed to the people, and they are held responsible for them. 

There are those doctors and lawyers out there who are moving towards holding the New Nuremburg Trials on the covid debacle, but instead of one people and one country, this encompasses the entire planet. This is, make no mistake, a war. It will be seen that this war killed as many as WWII, if not more when all is said and done, with far less infrastructure damage and little if no pollution, or loss of expensive equipment and toys. 

Why bother when you can get the enemy to willingly kill themselves? 

If the Med-Beds come out covid-bull-shite will be cured. If the New Nuremburg trials happen, stealth experimentation on the human population will end forever. If the filthy ( and I literally mud dirty) oil dependent industries fall, this earth will become green and healthy again. New businesses will abound because we are nothing if not creative. And the Military Industrial Complex and their gov’t cohorts – what’s to war over if there is enough for everybody?

These are all pretty big ifs. And they are after all ‘If’s.

But the entire shebang rests on the UFO industry – the secrets, the lies, the truth embargo. Once you pull that pin, the axel falls out and the whole cart load of bullshit breaks. 

I really don’t care who does it – which camp, which group, just so long as it is done!

Then there is the shoveling out phase, stinky hot work, but manure is good for the soil and things will begin to grow again – one can hope.

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