Do You???

Some points to ponder, things I’m wondering about…

  • Why does Lue Elizondo make an issue out of needing to get this done – this whole roll out quickly?
  • It is interesting how we are calling mainstream media lamestream – in light of all the lies and misrepresentations disinformation and outright censorship on everything recently. Now the UFO community is cheering the lamestream for any tidbit of information they ‘report’ on their version of UFO’s? What’s to say the talking heads aren’t feeding us a line of bullshit on this too? (its called spin)
  • This recent flurry of mainstream media reports on supposed UFO’s have over shadowed Jacques Vallee’s and Paola Harris’ new book “Trinity” – that has more truth in it than all the recent lamestream reports put together. 
  • It would seem the way that Elizondo and team are pushing the importance of the UFO community that they might be on a mining expedition for new information from a very rich source, namely us.
  • At the same time people like Danny Sheehan are going full speed ahead to pry information out of the legal dungeon its been hidden in for the last 70 years in an effort to clarify matters.
  • IMO we have two or more parties vying for who’s narrative is going to win and come out on top setting the standard for ET relations for probably the next 500 years. 
  • Which, IMO, leads one to speculate back around to that time limit that Lue mentioned in one of the recent flurry of video interviews he did last week. 
  • Are we looking at some sort of intervention time line that if they do not reveal information to the public about this topic, it will be taken out of their hands???

Trust me what is being bandied about in the media today is simply one snowflake on an iceberg so vast and huge that its almost useless. And here we are havin’ a par-tey over it all, acting like idiots when we know better… 

Do you trust the same people (who in lying to us about CV19 are systematically, genetically killing us) to actually report anything on the UFO topic except what they want you to believe?

Do You???

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