Fool me once…

What do I think I know?

Lairs always lie. They tell the first one because they are cowards and thieves. They tell the next one to cover for the first one – and because they are cowards. They do NOT want to face the consequences of their actions of what ever they lied about in the first place… and on it goes until most times the liars even begin to believe their lies. 

I think it appears to be that the liars have been given an ultimatum – tell the truth, or ‘We’ will. The ‘We’ being what the first lie was told about. What we are seeing now is a very convoluted plan to squirrel out of most of the blame. And, they are running out of time or they never would have gone this far with it. Plus, they are trying to get the biggest bang for their buck financially while they tell us only partial truths. 

IMO it’s going to back fire in their faces. 

There are many who would let what truth they do know out, but they can’t – not the whole truth. And half truths can be used and spun – twisted to not exactly lie – but lie anyway. Someone coined the phrase ‘truth embargo’. (Richard Dolan, perhaps?) And somewhere in the game, trying to hide the truth with misdirection and talking around it, it tumbled into outright lies, deception and even murder. To make a lie work, you must always tell the next lie. There is never just one lie. Ever. 

IMO, we are fast approaching a deadline of sorts. We all know it, we have all felt it – even not knowing what is coming, we are aware of it. I do believe the gig is up and the game is over. The reveal of what ever it is will occur and the chips will fall where they may. In other words it has been taken out of the secret holder’s hands and they have no recourse but to stand muster and take their consequences. (and probably wish they had told the truth in the first place) 

Never has this earth been a place where all were equal. In the 20th and 21st century the gap between the have and have-nots has gotten so out of hand, the usury so over the top, that it must stop. Now, the financial system that fed the liars is crashing, and the information they used to bank on, will be revealed. Society is already scrambling to reorganize, preparing, mobilizing. The timeline where we wind up in the future as a society that cannot reproduce because we have destroyed our genetics and end up like the greys is being halted, intervened, actually stopped in it’s tracks. 

Intervention is always messy and painful, but with the weight of all of us standing behind it, it will be successful. Now the real work begins. Liars never clean up their messes, those who got hurt do. They quietly begin again and with a greater wisdom and a wary eye on the offenders, rebuild their lives, trusting the liars to always be liars and taking appropriate action. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. 

Aliens exist.

We travel the solar system and beyond.

Technology to greatly alleviate suffering exists.

We are being used, sold, killed off, culled: a commodity without consent.

We have the power to stop this, we just don’t know it.

But we will, very soon.

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