I’m back in my body and I open my eyes – 4:01am. When that happens it is a signal that communication will happen and there is something to write about. But… my body was going, you’re kidding me? I feel like horse shit. So I pass out again. I promptly open my eyes again at 5:01am. The conversation goes:

“Really? But what is there to say? It’s all bullshit right now.”

“Well, how about that there are indigenous energetic beings who live on the planet.

“I already wrote about that…”

“And the really tall people have had more lifetimes here.”

“I’m short – explains a lot…”

“The super tall people may be regenerated instead of born and have continuous memories of the entire time here, like a 1,000 years or more. Which makes them insane. Need I continue?”

“Ok, as always you got me – now I’m interested”

“(background humor)”

Without fail, fat cat feels my waking mind and comes in the bedroom and meows at the top of his lungs and both dogs go instantaneously from deep sleep to loud barking. I grab my clothing head for the bathroom and the damned cat will not even let me pee in peace. I head down stairs where I open the door for the one dog who followed me, immediately feed the cat before I wind up killing him for all the noise, make my coffee, get my candle and and note book and head out doors to write in my garden. Writing for me is sometimes a form of meditation – I hit the zone there. But it requires silence and not just ‘sound’ silence – it requires psychic silence. Just about the whole world is asleep by 4am – even the night owls in a regular suburban neighborhood like mine. 

However, I can fuck that up by looking at my phone or wrangling to many cats and dogs before I actually make it outside to write. This morning I was rather too awake but I think I got the gist of it. 

  1. To go Interdimensional or Transmedium using technology simply means you create your own field of energy around you or your vehicle that translates you to a place or a time or both instantaneously, with the added benefit of molecular frequency mobility allowing for penetration of solids, liquids and other media out of their native phase, also creating invisibility to normal human sight.
  2. It could be that the souls here are not trapped, but, they are addicted to being 3D.
  3. Somebody or group here MOST definitely has the tech mentioned in #1. They are not willing to share. It would mean financial devastation to them. They do not care that others suffer because of this.
  4. I speculate that the human body was created as an avatar on this planet for other species to use to come and visit. That earth is like a national park for this galaxy, one of many, but the avatars became too conscious for use by others. 
  5. Further, when the avatars got out of hand it was decided to reduce the population, while genetically modifying intelligence to make the avatars more amenable to inhabitation by galactic travelers. (? Another speculation as to why. It is rather obvious we are being systematically culled, however.)
  6. We do have a group of immortals on the planet. They are very good at hiding. Many legends have grown up around them, mostly to obfuscate their existence. ( I’m not the only one who thinks so…) Obviously they would need and want to remain unknown.
  7. I asked if consciousness is information (what you know) or what you sense, or both. Then I speculated that it is both. Sensing increases information, but wrong information can block the recognition of what is right in front of your eyes. In other words you can block any or all of that information. You can be programmed and not even know it. We are all waking up to this right now. It’s interesting. 
  8. Systems resonance (part of #1 at the top) is also a biological function and we know as the earth transits space it changes its frequency and thusly we do too. Because of that resonance we are coming out of sleep all of us – because we resonate in the human field frequency and there is feed back between us and the earth in all of her components. 

These things will bounce around in my head now, (they are not new ideas, but there is a different feeling attached to them) creating new connection points, new ideas and greater awareness – hopefully. My best conversations occur in the semi-dream state which is fleeting, because, loud cats, dogs, a husband that objects to lights on while he sleeps and my immediate need for coffee two seconds after I awake. And yet whom ever is with me has a delightful sense of humor and has stuck with me all the years of my life. Through thick and thin, stupidity and moments of brilliance, through devastation and joy. I have found more moments of wisdom in this writing process than any teacher taking multitudes of years with me could ever teach, because I need not translate the movements of my soul to another to try to explain (that happens when I write) because they are a seamless part of me, and only there when I ask. That is why I return the curtesy of hauling my old, creaky, cranky ass out of bed at 4am. That and because I love this time of communion. It took me close to 60 years to figure out what it was, I still may not have a clue, but I enjoy it muchly.

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