The Big Nothing (burger)

Did you really expect that the same people that are raking in tons of money from us by keeping a whole world of things secret, were going to officially let the cat out of the bag?  

Let me reiterate: Do you think the same people who are systematically, genetically killing us with a lab manufactured poisonous spike protein (being forced into us from every available vector) will actually release information on anything but the next thing they want you to believe in their bid to rid the earth of us? Did you believe Covid? Then you go right ahead and believe that they really don’t know what is going on in our skies, or that they have no instrumentation to measure or collect data, or data before 2004. 

Go ahead, sure. But the rest of us will not wait for you because: Liars always lie. They tell the first one because they are cowards and thieves. They tell the next one to cover for the first one – and because they are cowards. They do NOT want to face the consequences of their actions of what ever they lied about in the first place… and on it goes until most times the liars even begin to believe their lies.


You know what you know. We all who have had contact know our experiences are real. We don’t need mommy or daddy or any authority figure to tell us it is so. So why do we so desperately need the government to tell us it is real? WE ALREADY KNOW. Is it so that we can prove to all those who call us names that we are right? Are our egos really that fragile? 

If we still need ‘officials’ to tell us anything at all, we ARE still slaves, and what is worse we are slaves in our own minds – we are NOT even sovereign inside. 

All things are self apparent – in a self governing society, which, we are supposed to be… But we are not and because we are such good little slaves and we don’t govern our selves, we get away with anything we can, waiting to get caught and punished, while most take no responsibility for themselves or their own thoughts. 

Because of the above we are very susceptible to being gas lighted, used by narcissists and psychopaths who laugh at us and see easy marks, lying about everything they do because they know we will never question it, or even notice it. 

Trump isn’t coming back.

The ETs aren’t going to save us.

And yes, Virginia, they DID just try to kill us all off with lab generated Spike Proteins.

They can’t seem to resist the temptation to abuse. They are addicted. It is their illness – it is  the core of their beingness, their raison d’etre.

Absolute power corrupts Absolutely

About all this waking up bs: it doesn’t mean that we all get superpowers, it means we all get to see these people for who they really are, take them out of power or at least take them at their deeds and words – for real. It means we step up and take care of business, get our own shit straight. My father used to tell me there were consequences for every action. There are. 

As an adult you become responsible for those consequences, for yourself and you DO NOT LET children and idiots run your house – the same as (one would hope) you don’t let criminals and psychopaths run your world.

But, here we are amidst idiots and criminals and rats in the middle of a gigantic mess and we must save ourselves. Only we have that skill set. 

Are you gonna eat that Nothing Burger?

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