The Concert

A jar of fireflies (sorta) and Jimmy Buffett over at the venue, in the back ground. Nice night… oh yeah, and the ubiquitous chorus of 26,000 UNMASKED people singing along at the TOP of their voices…

Last night was the first concert of the year – in a year – at an outside venue 2 blocks from my house. When there are clouds like there were last night I can hear the entire concert from my backyard. 

The waves of joy coming off the full to capacity venue of the Jimmy Buffett crowd last night were ecstatic. The chorus – 26,000 people all facing towards my neighborhood were loud, clear and lovely. The fairy lights in our yard were beautiful. The fireflies were out leaving green traces dancing in the air.  The light misty rain left little droplets that glistened on the tree leaves and the evening was magical because the music was back! It was all so wonderful. Until.

Mixing the unvaxxed with the weaponized vaxxed who give off a shit-ton of spike protein may be this summer’s most heinous move on the part of the death squad. Last night with 26,000 people packed into the venue shoulder to shoulder all singing at the top of their voices became a possibly perfect false flag through transmission of the spike protein from the vaccinated to the unvaxxed, to make a bunch of people feel ill with flu symptoms. I am afraid THEY WILL TWIST THIS AS A GREAT AND BAD OMEN: of flu variants, CV transmission, and demonize it as the great and horrible summer variant that isn’t killed by warm temperatures and is so very virulent… and it will all be the fault of the unvaxed. 

I’m not down playing spike exposure, I’ve had it. Its lousy like the flu. It takes about a week for my system to clean it out and until it does, yuck. Just imagine how many idiot people through fear will end up at their doctor demanding a test and the resulting reports and how it will be used to further fear and panic…I can see the article now, “Delta Variant Break-out at Concert Venue Causes mass Death in small Indiana Suburb!” and next weekend is a three day Phish concert. I wouldn’t put it past the death squad to open up the summer venues knowing with one third of the population vaxxed it would be just enough to expressly infect the rest of us with spike protein malaise, just to prove how much everybody needs the jab, because if you have not paid attention to the real medical information you would never know about the shedding issue, and that the real culprit in any corona virus isn’t the virus, its the spike protein its coated with! 

If the Death Squad murders are not exposed for what they are in this CV Debacle, IF THIS IS NOT EXPOSED AND PROSECUTED FOR WHAT IT IS, this crime against humanity will tip the scales into complete and utter tyranny and slavery and any freedom of thought and body we ever had will get buried under the weight of vast, insidious evil. This is not only about plague and those who have weaponized it against the planet, its about the future of the Human Race or its total demise and death. 

This fall – if we live through it, the rebound of those vaxxed coming up against the wild influenza viruses, plus the various manufactured and fake ‘variants’ (whatever the fancy Greek name they give them) will be the leveling stick to all of this when people start having to accept in-their-faces the things all of the rest of us already know. 1) The shots confer NO immunity: and they are already setting the stage for covering this one up with the variants lie. 2)Those who have the shot are so immuno-compromised they will have to fight hard for their lives, if they can, when they come in contact with a regular, normal old flu virus. 3)They ARE NOT safe and the shots were meant to kill them, slowly and painfully. There is a whole host of other issues like fertility and miscarriages and conferred infertility in the children, myocarditis: the list is legion. 

Then, when the bubble bursts and the lies can no longer sustain the murder, in the winter and beyond, if we are not too sick, or invaded by then if they manage to get the entire armed services of the United Stated vaccinated, by the CCP, if there is a brain left, I expect the nation to explode in fury over this. I hope we get there, but we may not because it is very hard to admit you were wrong and frightened and oh so very obedient and stupid. Not only do we have to deal with the VAST PROPAGANDA aimed at killing us all, we will have to deal with egos of the compliant, obedient sheeple who got the shot never being able, or adult enough to admit they were wrong. That is, unless you have someone to blame, and with enough piles of dead loved ones to stare at, they finally will. They will find their scape goat and Fauci and Gates will not be enough. Trust me.

If we make it into mid 2022 without a cultural explosion over this, without this information being known by the entire planet, we are done for. We will die if not in body, then in spirit, with a whimper.

Sarcasm alert: I just love writing this shit

Robert Kennedy Jr. said:

“It’s a foreboding fork in the road to totalitarianism. We are now moving beyond the propaganda stage into this very coercive program where federal agents appear at American homes with the menacing message: ‘We know who you are and where you live. We have you on our list, we have your medical records, we want your neighbors to know that you are dangerous. We don’t recognize your property or privacy rights. You must take our untested, experimental pharmaceutical product. If you want to end this harassment, you must submit to a risky medical intervention made by an unscrupulous company with no liability and if you die or suffer permanent neurological injury, tough luck!’”

I recommend this vid on Rumble for further information:

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