Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

The Spike Protein:  or the graphene – which ever…

I so don’t want to look at the obvious, however of all the things that are going on here on the planet right now, the spike is the most heinous. That we have two, maybe more races on this planet that want to kill us – that consider themselves so vauntedly far above ‘us’, that they are killing us off, just like that, thank you very much, because we are throwing a wrench in their plans. 

Consider the very long oral tradition this ‘hate’ must have come from, seeing as how we have just in the last twelve thousand years or so shaken the dust off us from the last conflagration that happened here. Imagine how the libretto of that might have changed over the eons, how it might have been tweaked one way or the other to promote the most powerful of that groups plans. They crave power, all of them. We are the too many ants and ankle biters that get in their way, I suppose. 

Since time immemorial they have deemed themselves better than us, above all other life on this planet – but stuck here like the rest of us. (and that should have been a major clue, but the clueless are never able to see.)

They have always used us as slave labor, to build their cities, their technologies, their science, and their machines. I suppose so they could finally leave this place – or ship us off the planet. Maybe they want earth and there are too many squatters  (us) here? 

All you have to do is look around the place, the solar system, to see the remnants of the last time they attempted this type of bullshit. At least this time they are not capable of blowing the planet to smithereens – yet… but any traveler coming into this solar system would see a huge space ship orbiting this planet, the devastation of Mars, the obviously blown to bits planet that we call an asteroid belt, the collapsed ship we call Phobos and littered all over everywhere on all surfaces of  the bodies circling the sun the ruins of civilizations. Which, just cries out to anybody passing by that there is salvage work…

Which has always made me question whether this place was a prison planet, or psych ward – or both! Imagine the travelers who pass by observing this solar system. It would be obvious to them that we have already blown up two planets and are on the verge of doing it again – and that there have been 3, whole planetfulls (at least) of people who have disappeared, killed off in the same war that decimated the solar system. That’s why I think we might be a psych ward too, because they just stuck us here until we worked it out or killed each other off, playing war till the bitter end. 

Some of us have decided peace is better, but as always peace on this planet will get you killed eventually. 

Spike protein: they are trying to kill us again, only this time they think they are being sneaky about it. Well, there are some of us who have caught on. Luckily, some of us are very astute, and vocal. The very best of us are already heading the invasion off at the pass. They only got this far because of propaganda and lies, using control structures telling us what our reality is, telling us that we are a failed experiment, when in real reality we are the most beautiful ecosystem ever. 

Now that we are seeing them for what they are, they are in big, Big, BIG trouble. We will not let them kill us all. The doctors, healers, scientists are all seeing through their bullshit as has anybody with a moral spine. The litigators and the researchers have all begun to wake up because murder and death has not left even one of us with out loss. As real people speak up, speak out, make noise, more and more will awaken. It took death, lots of death to get our eyes open. Now that we are all beginning to tell our stories we will strengthen.

I think that what ever they create to kill us with, will eventually harmonize with life, seeking in its own way the larger harmony. The whole universe operates in this way. And what moves in harmony only becomes stronger, never weaker. We were created with harmony, and in harmony. I hope that what goes in us eventually harmonizes with us and thereby into greater life with the greater universal harmony. 

Has it occurred to anybody yet, that they are so very, very scared of us? And if so, the next question has to be: Why? We might need to capitalize on that answer. Jus’ say’in.

This has been such a hard road, and I think it’s gonna get rockier before it’s destination is reached. Hang on it’s gonna be a wild ride.

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