Probably, maybe…

I often ask myself just how crazy I am, and if I need to adjust my world view except that, I am not the only one to feel this way. The hubby can only stand so much of it and then he has to get out in the normie-world and do normie stuff. 

He thinks I’m nuts, like with my UFO/paranormal stuff. I mean, it was ok to ‘play’ with the theory, but to act like it was real…until it became real in 2017 because the idiot-clown media said so. He also thinks I’m a bit over the top with the bioweapon-shot-in-the-arm thing too, until the facts come out. He just can’t give up his main, err, lamestream media, the same as he has to get out in the world of idiots. 

Me, I’ve just walked away from the normies. After spending a year and a half trying to educate, cajole and generally inform people I have learned that brain-smarts sometimes gets in the way of really being smart. THERE IS NO NORMAL. Not ‘New’ normal, not old-normal. Normal is gone. It was planned that way. (Normal: standard, usual, typical, expected, average)

I guess you can equate normal with the zombie sleep state. The people who will come through this  will be adaptable. Able to change behavior to increase the odds of survival, able to think critically and learn. If it walks like a duck…

The cognitive dissonance that is occurring in people right now due to this unconventional warfare we are all experiencing is blinding them to the facts right under their noses. Big Pharma is at the epicenter of most of the trance like religious fervor of the behaviour of everything covid. Follow the money, but be willing to drown in the filth and corruption you find. Not everybody can stomach it and I’m sure that is why so many have pulled the face diaper over their eyes too.

And the financial part of this is only one part of it

It just can’t be that the institutions meant to help people could actually be turned against them: weaponized to kill them – its an insane thought. To crazy to think about in their ‘normal’.

And even past that is the rest of the agenda, the graphene-5G connection which it is even hard for me to accept – the transhuman part that turns us into nice little robots. Why bother building them from scratch when you have an entire population ready made?

The problem being: the edgier the thinking gets, the closer to the truth it is. That makes it hard for the ‘normies’ (people who want any kind of normal at any price) to even begin to see, let alone understand, what is going on. Only people who hang out on the fringe see it – and interestingly enough, if you come smack up against their sacred cows, they are just as resistant. Me, over here, I’m entrenched in normie-land without a friend except my dogs. It gets lonely. Bless their hearts for their steadfastness and just being with me. Dogs are ‘in the moment’ so beautifully – they teach that. 

The four tools of mass confusion are 1.) cognitive dissonance (something nobody knew about until lately) 2.) name calling/labeling/pigeon holing-falsely 3.)gas lighting 4.) censoring. This is being done by the mass media who, since 1997 has been in the deep pockets of big Pharma. [In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration permitted prescription drug companies to start publicizing their products directly to consumers in television advertisements. (Google)] The sensor ship and sometimes out right lies by google and serious science publishers – witness the Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine debacle, are guilty of serious confusion and outright obfuscation, along with social media banning anything that was said counter to the correct-and-proper ‘narrative’, IMO is tantamount to being guilty of MURDER.

These four things are tools of the enemy in this ‘hidden’ war. Tell them what to believe, and separate the non-believers from the believers with a face-flag signal so that the ‘target’ is easily identified, use fear, and people will fight for the enemy without even knowing it! It becomes a war of ideologies, of war of FOLLOWERS, not one where a singular person puts any thought into their behavior. 

Most of the ‘fringe’ stand outside of this by their very nature until you challenge their sacred cows. My sacred cow has been to always challenge everything, especially if it is an established concept. To me that is what makes it suspect in the first place. I am sure everybody has said to themselves lately “But I thought!…”  In my books there are some absolutes, like, if water is falling from the sky, then its probably raining – probably. 

So, probably, maybe I’m not crazy, but if I’m not, then we are in some real trouble.

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