On graphene metadata: how I singed the hair off my eyeballs…

On the graphene metadata financial part of my last article, the part where even I flounder: And even past that is the rest of the agenda, the graphene-5G connection which it is even hard for me to accept – the transhuman part that turns us into nice little robots. Why bother building them from scratch when you have an entire population ready made? https://odysee.com/@PROJECTCAMELOT:d/CYBERSECURITYEXPERT:8 The problem being: the edgier the thinking gets, the closer to the truth it is.

Well once I said it, Universe threw education at me, in spades: 

Alison McDowell. 

Her blog: https://wrenchinthegears.com/

Her You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlisonMcDowell/videos

Her recent interview with Greg Carlwood of Higherside Chats will singe the hairs off your eyeballs. Seriously.  

‘They’ (she calls it The Predator) want to create:

Planetary Quantum Computer, by filing us with graphene oxide to create a send/receive web to map the everything of the human body and send that information to the planetary computer to block chain our brains to create digital twins of us while buying and selling the data of every thought, and every breath you take on the financial market. Matrix, anybody?

Covid was chosen for the viral doorway into our bodies. The more of us they have, the more computing power they have. Creating a Human Capital Finance System – HCF for short. Right now there are hopes for soft robotics, Sentar is working towards human robots and robotized humans. So while trying to kill some of us, I think they are also Colonizing us inside our bodies.

ALL WHILE TRYING TO HACK GOD, TO BECOME GOD – in a computer! Of all things. Somehow this reminds me of the first Star Trek movie and V’jer… who needed to unite with a human to ascend to the next level of its being.

Unfortunately, and I think she is right, Alison Mc Dowell calls this over-arching plan, driving force, The Predator. Reminiscent of Reiner Fuelmich’s interview of Dr. Peter Breggin talking about his free book “We Are The Prey” and transhumanism in this interview, https://www.bitchute.com/video/FAssNXuNgbFS/ . Tom Renz, the Ohio Lawyer and Mike Adams (Health Ranger) also speak of a vile evil in all this. Attorney Tom Renz has the ‘judicial’ part of this. https://www.brighteon.com/5abe8b87-53bf-4483-96ca-0e76d8868a4a. Just as Dr. David Martin has the legal forensics on all the patent work. https://www.bitchute.com/video/f4xAbU48b6eX/

I believe as Dr Breggin points out that there three levels to this war: Judicial (which is very broken), Educational to the public – which is censored (which encompasses science and ethics) and Spiritual. I kind of hem and haw about the word spiritual – for a lot of reasons – however I have noticed that in the context of this ‘War’ the spiritual element has emerged as a Meta-Pattern. Meaning that everyone I have read and listened to has been, pushed/urged/driven/effected by what they identify as a Spiritual Force to become louder and do greater work towards the positive side. Some have even dropped all pretense and just called a horse a horse and said it was a fight of Good Against Evil. Period. This Predator is doing what England did to the world last century and  colonizing not our countries, but our very body/mind/soul complex.

I leave it to you to decide. Where ever you go in your own personal actions and intensions, don’t wait too long. The universe sure got back to me on the nano-graphene question at light speed, which would indicate its very, very, important. 

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