Pay attention!

This is Vitally Import. This has been happening since January 2020. Pay attention!

My comments on this:

3 times is time to pay attention. Whom ever is doing this is NOT taking into account that some of us have a brain, have done actual research, have the facts and understand them enough – regardless of what the emotional input is – and WILL NOT TAKE THE JABS. I have practiced watching my thoughts for many years as it helps to iron out unwanted ‘karmic’ incidences. When the sort of shit that you are describing slips through it sets off my inner red flag system and I know. My general come back to bull shit is “FUCKOFF!” combined with a smack to send it on its way. What can I say, it works however crazy I am. Really, the source is irrelevant. What matters is that you caught it. I imagine it was meant to be delivered subliminally enough times to, without you noticing overtly, influence you. How interesting that I am not the only one. 

Also, there is nano in the air, the water, our food and if you eat meat tons there. If you’ve had a flu shot or any other “immunization” with in the last two years, there is enough resonance in you to be contacted that way. Its not overt because if they do it enough times in the undercurrent of your mind, you will wake up one day and just get the jab… They are counting on the 100th money effect. Just be aware, they can’t make you do it if you know.

Thanks for this.

I have blogged several times about the weirdness of relatively smart people just going and ‘Doing it’ – because it boggles my mind:

…Because I have seen truly smart – scientifically smart – people, for no logical reason, people who know what is going on, have moments of black-out where for no reason, they decide to go get the shot – even if everything they know and feel about it says no – they have moments of illogical emotional capitulation. WTF is that? A major disruption of the force? 

I’ve just walked away from the normies. After spending a year and a half trying to educate, cajole and generally inform people I have learned that brain-smarts sometimes gets in the way of really being smart. 

Not that I’ve been able to see WHO is really jerking my chain, but I almost don’t have to because once I was aware I quit letting it happen. I quit letting them use emotional black-mail to get to me. In mind manipulation the boundaries must be firm. It is a type of subliminal rape. I give no quarter to that nonsense. 

2 thoughts on “Pay attention!”

  1. Not sure what you are against, but that is your right! If it is the current shot or all shots, it is still your right. I just will keep my distance and choose to hopefully live to a ripe old age.


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