No time to die…

Having grown up with James Bond keeping the world safe since 1963, Bond set the standard for foiling the bad guys. There can be NO mistaking the cabals’ Gotta-Tell-All-The-Idiots-Before-We-Do-It rule in this current Bond movie. (that was supposed to come out in 2019 so they actually could tell us BEFORE they hurt us  – per their own rules). They missed the fricking mark. I wonder if they hung themselves off their own petard from that miss-move? I hope so. 

The magnitude of this current real world plot – “COVID-19 planscamdemic”: (gee) Lets Kill the World, certainly fits the bill for a Bond movie plot. Its all so wild its hard to fathom they want us to believe the real covid story line is real!

BUT THEY WERE LATE. Late in getting the word out. They broke their own insane (echo, echo, echo)rules. 

And, although it would be nice if there was an evil genius heading it all up like Blofeld, or Mike Myer’s Dr. Evil – some one personage to blame it all on,  I am afraid that there is a team out there with Fauci and Gates comprising the minion mini me’s – not, the real master assholes. Nope, Gates and Fauci are just the clown fall guys in all the bull shit.

However, as Bond movies go, this one is quintessential Bond. Aaaaand it has everything you ever wanted to know about the Plansamdemic – the real one, in the plot, big as day, in your face. It has a genetically marked virus, and a spike protein and shedding… It’s a tour-de-force Bond movie – glorious in its plot twists, action scenes, love story and saving the world. I wish it was that easy to save the world. 

The ubiquitous ‘they’ were late in telling us. I hope it screws their game up. I hope they have a ‘karmic’ learning coming at them. They went several steps to far trying to make a Bond movie plot a real reality. Several. Might they trip running to catch up…

Billie Eilish – No Time To Die (Audio)

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