Confusion: evil spelled backwards is LIVE

How do we talk about things we don’t have words for? Do we use metaphor and hope people get the meaning? Fear has always been used to control our thoughts from time in memorial. Memes are now used to spread viral ideas…

Have you noticed that those of us who now have an idea about what is going on have no words to accurately bring the concept of evil forward into the language of today, so we use ‘religious-system’ words because that is all we have? There are no secular terms – no concrete terms, yet we see the concrete effects of evil all around us. 

But! This is part of the game. The religious terminology immediately becomes a ‘layer’ between the evil and the people – like a frequency barrier. Many people immediately turn off and hear nothing once a religious term is used – EVEN IF the information is important… the barrier is all in the words. 

Same in the medical arena. So much so that the evil is now changing the ‘legal’ definitions of words to confuse the issue, to continue the murder of people and the sacrifice of their children. Evil could be seen as anti-life. Not to mention that the legal system it’s self is so convoluted that a normal person cannot defend himself in court with out an interpreter – lawyer, when the whole purpose of the courts at one time was so that a regular person could/would/should have been able to. While the legal system writes new laws without our vote or knowledge to protect themselves for any and all contingencies.

My point is that we have not yet created the words necessary to adequately describe the ‘force’ we are standing up against in this war. It is so vast and bottom up invasive (like a vine that invades your garden and chokes the life out of your vegetables before you notice it and yank it out by its roots –  notice the metaphor I have to use) that we don’t even have the words for it!!!

AND its by direct intension that we don’t because its harder to ‘see’ – understand – it if we don’t – easier for It to hide unnoticed.  Also, to use words with strong connotation in one system of thought, but not in another immediately throws up an emotional barrier to understanding ON PURPOSE – a frequency (emotions are energy) like a cloaking system on a ship, which causes people to turn away and call all of it bullshit. 

As much as I am NOT a religious person (I didn’t say spiritual) I have had to come to understand this word game/device and how it puts an energetic force field around the item in question (evil) and helps to keep it fuzzy and misunderstood. There IS a something – a force – an energy – an intelligence (however deficient) at play here and we by our inability to define it with better words make it more powerful. 

We are twisted up in words: like the definition of vaccination vs. experimental gene modification injections. During this year of 2021, the definition of the word vaccination has changed, been modified in legalese to support mRNA gene therapy shots as vaccinations. I would venture a guess that in a couple of more years the old definition for vaccination will not only be forgotten but unrecognizable in the language as a whole. 

The same as with the word evil. It used to be evil was so evil that you couldn’t talk about evil – like the Voldemort of this world. It was a mortal sin to understand, define and make clear. Done on purpose to create more fear for greater control of us! Further, those of us who are not religious have to learn to resist the impulse to turn off every time we hear the term evil, or true evil, or we will never understand what is going on enough to win this war!

If you spell evil backwards it is: LIVE

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