If and Blindness

If ppl would just look – Look at the forensic evidence

If ppl were brave enough to bring it before state judicials

If the federal gov’t wasn’t so rotten from the core that it could even 10% work




There is the weight of the world’s worth of evidence around covid and its financial, patent and time lines back to 1990’s that would take down every entity connected to the mass murder of thousands – it exists.

If anybody in the judicial world had enough balls

If anyone of those ppl didn’t care what others thought about them

If the weight of propagandized public MK-Ultra-ed opinion curated by the lamestream, lying, false mass media hadn’t captured every innocent soul on the planet




It looks like we need to find a way around …’IF’.

I just got done watching CSI Las Vegas. I am pleased with the show. It hangs on evidence and where that leads to find the facts. IF ONLY we could actually proceed in that manner, the whole kit-and-caboodle-covid-bullshit would be FKN OVER. In an eye blink. But there are so many cowards, so many that have done wrong and are hiding from it, and so many of those are in the systems we need to stand up against the VAST stupidity, that it will crumble instead of using the strength it was created for. 

Dr. David Martin has this sewn up in an unbelievable series of facts and paper trails: if there was even one person with integrity and moral left in the united states to bring this forward to prosecution, it would blow up every last corrupt system, well, in the entire system. 

The problem is, there isn’t anybody left with the guts and integrity (and balls) to do this. If there were, they’d probably (ahem) die mysteriously before it could be brought to trial. Oh yes, there are voices out there, many of them standing for the right ethic and their voices only get heard on alternative media. They have no power in the world courts. They are not compromised and black mailed by the globalists. They can’t be because they are just plain old folk who live an honest life. They have no peccadillos to expose. And they are appropriately kept out of the power places where things like the genocide game of kill-the-people are played. 

Damnit! If we can produce television programs like CSI, then somebody knows about the right ethic. And maybe because programming like this is allowed to be shown, it is because they want us to think it’s not possible in the real world… another sad realization: if it’s on TV entertainment, it not real, or so it goes. 

Every convoluted bait and switch game that can be thought of is being used in the psychological war, including the ‘bad-guys’ not caring what name they act under , good, bad, or indifferent. To put it biblically, satan will use the name of God to further his agenda, he doesn’t give a FK. (I will not capitalize that word…) However backwards, twisted and confused – the more the better – it gets, what ever works is the name of the game. 

Doesn’t anybody SEE this????


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