Your very own MAC Address

WOW!!!  Do you remember one Christmas when you could buy the naming right to a star or outer space object and name it after yourself or some one you loved? Well, now you can get your very own MAC address at no cost and be a named object on the internet!!!! How cool is that? 

I was contemplating going all Apple, buying the phone and a watch, because the new Samsung phone by itself would be as expensive as both items. And after the debacle of trying the Galaxy watch with a cellular module in it that NOBODY could get to work I was seriously thinking about making the jump. Especially after I found out that Samsung has sunk money into the companies complicit with the research that was done on crafting the whole covidmess. 

So what to buy?  I could support a company that helped create the plandemic by buying one of their products, or, I could support the company that now tracks all the vaxxed people. Can I tell you that I want to do neither????? I need another option here! 

So, if you get the vax and die, or get sick later from the vax and die – they can locate the body with no trouble a ‘tall – because they will know where you are and whether you are the one who let loose that horrible fart in the middle of Wall Mart. Then they can come after you for Climate-Change Crimes. Or they can fine you for sneezing without your mask on. Imagine having mind-blowing sex with your partner only to have the health police show up at your door because you burned through your ‘pleasure-quota’ for the next two years, or because they thought your aneurism caused by your last vaccine had burst. And you think you can poop in private… However should you have a vaxident while driving, they will be able to properly figure out the insurance situation due to you having the appropriate bio-marker.

Just imagine.

I’m a true blood. I haven’t been vaxxed for anything since 1972. Just imagine what my ovaries could bring on the black market…if I was young enough to have anything left in them. If I sound just a little irritated, your assessment is correct. This is a mess beyond any mess I’ve ever even contemplated. Even if we were able to stop the madness right now and have tech work for us, instead of against us, the clean up would take years. Better to burn the house down and start new. I mean, really!

I’m over it. One day I’ll fall off the grid simply by tossing my phone and computer in the river and walk into the forest to live amongst the trees (who are better souls than most people) and never be heard from again. And you know what? Nobody will even notice.

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