Out there…

Years later, in the annals of the earth, we might look back on this time as the Great Covid Scandal. Great, because they pulled it on an entire planet. (Even the peanut gallery knows what is going on this time.) Scandal, because none of it was real. It took them 20, maybe 40 (and if this all started with the murder of a great leader, JFK, then) 60 years of planning to make it happen. JFK  was slaughtered November 22nd, 1963, which some say was the coup d’état of the US. The invasion of earth and the gradual fall into mental slavery began long before that, several times ago back in the unremembered time. But this time, I like to think that the great falling began again when we launched a man to the moon in July of 1969 – or maybe Sputnik in 1957 when we were noticed ‘out there’.

One way or another, this planet had managed to crawl out of the muck for the maybe 6th time and send a flare up into space to whom ever was watching letting them know that once again the idiots on earth were trying to escape. Old wisdom says we’ve tried several times over the millennia, and never really made it as a planet, as a whole. When it was discovered we were knocked down, our civilization turned to dust, our memories fried and we were sent back to the mists from whence we came, only a few escaping. 

Here we are again, at the tipping point, that apex where the entire planet could launch into the greater society of beings in the galaxy. Or, have our numbers once again decimated and sink back into the fertile soil of the planet, subsumed, to do it all over again. Regan once said in a speech in 1987 that:

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

He was thinking of space, but it looks like a common poison has accomplished that – nothing as exciting as something from off planet. A common poison, plus a pack of lies – propaganda, and a lot of manipulation, obfuscation of information and general mind games.

We are teetering on the edge of making it as an entire planet, continuing, birthing ourselves into the next phase as whole human beings, not less-than-human cyborg idiots. Either we make it or, in a hundred years this planet looks like the movie “Terminator”.

Gaia is ready to give birth, not subsume her pregnancy for the 6th time. The contingent that created covid are trying to abort this pregnancy yet again. This time, its up to us to be stronger than they are. Gaia is in labor, we all feel it. We are ready and willing to be born this time because our genetic memory knows this is it! 

But then the parasites’ game would be over and they cannot see beyond it. They are the ones in great fear. So much so that they would kill an entire planet of people just so they can continue the way they are and hide from their own fear of what the real future could bring. Scared shitless. It is their fear we all feel, not ours.

While the crashing of America, the fake plague, the world power games, the false flags of climate change and world economic collapse are waved in front of our noses, they hope to distract us so that we miss this window of time to be born into the greater society of beings in the galaxy. Why? Well, because then they’d be discovered for who they were and have to give up their game and actually grow up mentally and most scary of all, emotionally. It would all come down around their feet. 

You see, eventually we would be able to gather them all up and like a bad cold eject them from the planet in one great sneeze. We would covid them! (who thought that word could become a verb?) 

And we could write our history saying that:

“In the time of the great plague upon humanity we were born into the galaxy. It was a time of great and true healing for the planet Gaia and her children.”

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