Codependence and Contingencies… 

Do you think just because we have discovered, uncovered what the PTB are doing they will stop? When an addict is discovered and confronted, do they stop? NO! they simply move their base of operations, gas light you and cover their tracks. 

Think about that. 

As a matter of fact, there were probably contingency plans decided upon long ago for this eventuality, seeing as how this plan has been in place for a very long time. In fact, the first thing they would plan for to happen is that ‘We’ would discover the obvious. I am willing to entertain that Trump put a big rock in their path, making them jump the gun and tweak the steps, but still, I’m willing to bet that they did have a contingency for that too. This is a big if-this-then-that game. 

On the more fringe side of this, two things: 

(one) we still have to reveal their plans for weather wars, comets and space debris used as weapons, the artificial intelligence weapon, and as a last resort, the alien invasion weapon. 

(two) 5G is rolling out. I have noticed that what they are doing is turning it on at night around 2-3am rolling it across the nation in time zones and then turning it off at around 4-5 am. IMO anybody who is using a watch with a sleep program should look up their sleep data to see if this sleep disruption pattern is present. It would be an interesting study of sorts. (I do not wear one, but I’m crazy sensitive and don’t count.) To my note, they were testing this during the 2021 spring season, because I had the same symptoms then too. 

So go look up the symptoms of radiation poisoning. They are a playbook for flu, influenza, the common cold and covid. When radiation interacts with the body it causes cell death. Cells die and the body’s scavengers come and ‘eat’ the debris and transport it out of the body in all the ways possible. It causes the metabolism to work harder thus the fever, and joint aches because joints are where the largest lymph nodes are and stomach and digestive upsets because they are major exit points for the collected cell debris… 

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that this is just round one, and the next part of their plan to world domination is about to show up. (Austin Powers: Dr. Evil, anyone and his mini me minions???)

Maybe, just maybe we could get with it a little faster this time, with less people having to die before we even  just notice? Could we do that? Please? A little faster??? Could we just throw aside all the distractions and watch for the important stuff and nip it the bud? Because just like any alcoholic, their gonna hide the bottles all over the house and use odd, but right in front of your nose containers to pour it in, and gas light you when you catch them at it. Its all part of the codependent relationship we are caught in with these degenerates and we need to get smarter. NOW!

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