But, so-n-so said…

There are times when I doubt every story, legend and narrative that I have ever heard. 

All of them. Good, bad or ugly. It seems as though everything has the seeds of everything else in it. They who believe in either side, use what they ‘know’ as a flat out excuse for bad behaviour in omission or commission. And either way, it always winds up hurting someone or something in the process. 

What was it John Kennedy said?

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”


Then there are those who proceed to creatively dream a different story, like ‘Elvis is not dead’, and neither are a whole litany of other people, it seems. The aliens took them, or they were cloned or they are hiding out somewhere, somewhen. 

But its always about how we the people, the useless can’t take the truth, or some such nonsense, that is the excuse they use to refuse to tell the truth. And as they say,

“The lie is different at every layer”. 

And we can’t go on (ignoring them) and just accept all their shenanigans as if they were a truth (by realizing they never will tell the truth) because they are deeply and irrevocably hurting ‘we the people’ with those lies on purpose. On Purpose.

There is actually a point where if you don’t knock the mosquitoes off your ankles you will not be able to walk…

Which, inevitably leads to having to look at all the sheer idiocy going on around you, because it is the only thing left to do. And, although jumping down rabbit holes may start out fun, after a while your knees start to hurt and you get muddy and cold, and its hard to see down there and it smells… if you catch my drift. Its much nicer up here in the sunlight and very clear boundaries of everyday life. 

However, if you’ll notice all those rabbit holes connect into giant warrens that are all interconnected and as with any system like that there will be a spot someone topside will step on and cave in the entire system. We are there. 

Be ready to give up all cherished ideas, legends and narratives you ever had about everything. Its all about to fall. And then, the only thing you will have to rely on is your own integrity and your own heart. You will have to be ready to take the ideas from whatever legend etc. and divest them from the ‘hero’ of the story and see if they fit in your heart. If they do, well then, keep them. But keep them on your own terms, not because so and so said them. Be ready to carry upon your own shoulders that which you know in your own heart is right and walk tall with it. Its really what we were meant to do from the first, but somehow that got garbled into so and so said…

As this ‘system’ of lies falls, you will be faced with looking it straight in the eyes and saying, “I do not agree, I will not comply,”  and you will have to do it with all the conviction and strength you have. Really it was all we had in the first place, and as this debacle closes out, it is all we will be left with.

Use it well, and create better. It will all be new and we will be responsible for all of it – not a so and so. We, each one of us, together. 

“Its a new world if you can take it.”

– Col. Philip Corso

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