In anticipation of crumble on my coffee cake

2(freaking):30 am in the morning…  I came to full on awake with a sense of (like the title says) anticipation. But why? 

Things are stirring, changes like underground earth quakes are rumbling in the force. I feel it. Like a shot of adrenalin. There is a shifting of the energy, a rearrangement of people, narratives – words being used differently. A fog is lifting and I have noticed it in people who were mentally lost, even they are waking. 

It is interesting that I even noticed the ‘pressure’ I spoke about in my last entry, and I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had it taken away for a few brilliant seconds. It was a rather profound illustration of the frog story. 

It made me realize something is trying really hard to put a lid on humanity and the planet. But we are resisting – STANDING. Holding our ground. We are finally rallying together in great enough numbers. Not so much on a waking consciousness level, but more in a huge group subconscious level, maybe spurred on by the language of the people who know, who are speaking outwardly in great numbers. We are all subunits of the bigger consciousness of the planet and thus all connected even if we are not aware of it in waking consciousness, but at a much deeper level we are a unit. Those who get it in the waking state are effecting the sleepers from the subconscious level where we all connect. A perfect example of this is Cliff High’s work.

My theory: the more the planet embodies the truth, the truthier it becomes. The more real the truth becomes through subconscious alignment, the easier it manifests. We are gathering steam on a better future thanks to all the wonderful imagineers out there, the creators, authors, artists (who help feed the reality of our next step), those we say yes to in our intentional hearts. We really do decide and create, but it happens in the whole brain, not just the waking part. I’m feeling alignment happen bringing greater connectivity and energy flow through the substrata of us. I can almost breathe – taste it in the air…

It has taken great strength from humanity to stand and not crumble into dust and it has become quite clear that it is our number one task right now. Crumble is NOT an option. Crumble is for toppings on coffee cakes. Period.

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