Awake Oh Sleepers

There is a myth that once upon a time there was true biological telepathy. Not the kind we have today with our 5G phones and devices. As a little kid I dreamed of having that ability, all to fix my dad, who was angry all the time. If this myth was true and if as they say there is a grain of truth in all myths – like a shared history or a biological DNA memory (water never forgets), then something happened on this planet that turned that ability off, or convinced the entire planet of that. Its not in history except in the bible as the ‘Tower of Babel moment’. (and…most people look at the bible as allegory, metaphor and teaching myths.)

There are a lot of people spontaneously beginning to remember this now, a lot who are using their awakening memories to help and to heal, predict. This idea has wormed it’s way to the surface again either through predictive programming, or because the memory awakens in them. A lot more still sleep like the dead. Hell, its hard enough for people to wake up and see what is actually going on around them, much less remember the far mists of time.

I was born in 1953 ready for 2022 with it all turned on. I’ve gotten my ass kicked all my life for it, but I’m grateful I did because it taught me a great deal and prepared my inner self for what is happening right now – to face the reason our souls got hushed and buried and turned off and it taught me to struggle for release, to escape the boundary. It taught me strength and discernment.

IMO this mess, this war we are all embroiled in ‘could’ turn kinetic, but I don’t think it will. The purpose of all that transpires is to shake us awake, to make us struggle through the barrier of sleep, to awaken, because for us there is no prince that will awaken the princess with a kiss shattering the sleeping spell put on the kingdom. We each have to become that prince to our inner princess and ‘Awake, oh sleeper’!

We do have help. The electrics of the earth are changing because of the area of space we are in and the electric current sheet that the sun is moving through. As the frequency of this planet is changed by this, so are we. As Gaia heals, so do we. There is no room for the ancient wounds as, the hidden becomes obvious, naturally, as she and we simply grow out of that sleepy pain. Or, put another way higher frequency = more light. More light = revelation. Revelation = obvious things to be corrected and helped. There just will be no room any more for the darkness to survive. Or to use that book of metaphorical truth:

Awake O Sleeper


5:13 But everything exposed to the light is revealed by the light.

5:14 wherefore he saith, `Arouse thyself, thou who art sleeping, and arise out of the dead, and the Christ shall shine upon thee.’

5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,

5:16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

The light is upon the earth, the frequency is rising, all shall awaken, the light will reveal all, and once you see it, you can not unsee it – but the choice will be yours to walk in the light or hide from it. The days are evil because we can now see clearly the wounds that are deep in life and need to be healed. More light comes…

When I finished my morning meditation – this writing, I heard the words, “Awake Oh Sleepers.” There are three versions of it: They all fit, in weird and wonderful ways.

The Brothers Bright – Awake O’ Sleeper (Lyrics)

Bach – Sleepers wake (High Quality)

Awake, O Sleeper

Awake, O Sleeper

Ike Ndolo

In the darkest times of life

When our lights refuse to shine

You are there, you are there

When our hearts become like stone

When we live without hope

You are there, you are there

Don’t let your hearts be troubled

Don’t let your hearts be troubled

Awake o sleeper

Arise from slumber

This last one asks for rescue so I don’t agree with that part. Its in the next verse. Todays message was a clear call to ‘take up your bed and walk’ – to choose your path… to stand in strength. I’m not a normal Christian, and this is a weird post for me. I don’t go to church, I don’t practice, I don’t talk to a god that is somewhere else, but there are times when things are dumped directly into my head and today was one of them.

Awake Oh sleepers…

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