Pissed off and tired…

This was so odd, that I am going to blog it. Usually I would not, but…

Its the first time in my life that I was dogged by what seemed like the devil and a bunch of imps, all night long. It was a kind of persuasion discussion – and I kept saying NO! I must have come up to semi-consciousness about three times, each time drenched in sweat almost like when the body is sick and trying to expel toxins. Its hard work and the body sleeps about 3 hours and wakes you. 

At one point I was very aware of something in the room around 1am or something. At this point I’d already awakened once in a sweat, and I rolled over, turned my back on it and went back to sleep till 3 am. Around three am I got aggravated with all the high jinx and called on Jesus – I used his name to get them to quit bugging me. There were imps all over the room sitting on me and furniture… it was wild. I was half in and half out of consciousness which always annoys me, and I was worried about the dogs – but they were fine and unaware of anything in the room. My subconscious mind was on point last night it kept me aware of the situation. ( I love my subconscious mind… jus say’in)

It looked like a classic abduction scenario except the little greys were imps. I didn’t go anywhere because I couldn’t be persuaded. When I sleep I go down and into my being – I don’t float off to somewhere else. I float inward. I couldn’t get there because something kept trying to get me to come with them, or agree to something that would make my life easier and I agreed that it might – it was tantalizing but it didn’t feel right and my subconscious mind kept ‘kicking me under the table – or elbowing me’ and regardless of the words or the sense they made I’d realized I didn’t like how it all felt to me or who was presenting it to me. I would say no out of principle. It was almost hypnotic – if you could call a sleep state that. 

When I got tired of it all, I remembered from hearing about it, that you could call on Jesus to protect you, and by this time I was over the shenanigans. So I ‘officially’ called on his power in my sleep… I said “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you BE GONE!” I just wanted the deep peace of sleep at that point and was done listening. They quit talking and I’m not sure whether they left or not, if they did, they left a residue, a frequency behind. 

Then my mind and my subconscious mind had a discussion about how they managed entry. Personally I think it is 5G. I recently bought a watch that hooks to my phone. Night before last I tried sleeping with it on to track my sleep, I wasn’t wakeful, but I wasn’t rested either. So last night instead of the watch I put the phone on the bed about 4 ft away. Maybe that’s how. At one point I almost got up and put it on the stairs – I should have. That was a suggestion from my subconscious mind. 

I have recently been digging into the connections to Jinn, demons, Yahweh, Jesus and aliens and trying to sort out a history that is so convoluted and messed up that the truth is well hidden in centuries of lies. I sorta think its highly relevant to the psychopaths of today and etc., its more than just deranged people or aliens, there is the thread of something else in there – I can feel it, I just can’t sus it out yet… but I will. I asked to be led to the proper or correct information. I get a lot of suggestions in my sleep… we shall see.

In the interim let me be really hyperconscious about this:




Begone! I don’t have time for your nonsense. I don’t do bullshit. Haven’t in 50 years. All facets of my being are in alignment on this. End transmission. Oh yeah, don’t bother coming back, it will end the same way every time.

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