The Story

“I have recently been digging into the connections to Jinn, demons, Yahweh, Jesus and aliens and trying to sort out a history that is so convoluted and messed up that the truth is well hidden in centuries of lies. I sorta think its highly relevant to the psychopaths of today and etc., its more than just deranged people or aliens, there is the thread of something else in there – I can feel it, I just can’t sus it out yet… but I will. “

So I ruminated about that above paragraph for a few days. To be able to take in information, the groundwork – a sort of mental alignment must occur – and then ‘voila!’ the information presents its self. I have come across what I’m going to present a million times, but I never looked at it through the proper…question.

Definition of why story and narrative are so important. The Story: if you were trying to teach a thing verbally, word of mouth, using the story as a mnemonic for other information, to increase the chances that the story will be remembered, you would make it a great story, a passionate one, full of heroic deeds and memorable heroes. Then the mnemonic would also survive. Only those that were taught the proper key, would understand. You would also leave behind as an imperishable record as possible, probably on stone.

That said, when future generations way forward in time like us go hunting obscure myth and stories, when we read ancient texts left in obscure places we begin to realize there is a pattern to them all. But! Taking into account what we know today about the race war that is happening on the planet, you realize that the planning of this current debacle reaches so far back into the mists of history that it is almost impossible to trace the story line. Then you wonder if what was left behind was a lie on purpose leading to a misdirect, or used as a sort of predictive programming – most certainly culminating in the outright destruction of the evidence that doesn’t fit the current narrative (story) of today. Its extremely convoluted.

However, there are pieces of truth out there if you can be clear headed enough to see them. I was listening to Freddy Silva talk to Rex Bear of Leak Project about his new book

where he traces antediluvian history through geography, place names, indigenous oral tradition and entomology to try to figure out the origins of the Scottish and the Irish, which lead him to Armenia. 🙂 I was fascinated.

Restricted History, The Shining Ones, Giants of Sardinia, 22,000 B.C.E. Freddy Silva PT 1

Recurring Armageddon, Ancient Records of the Vile Stars, Giants & Descending Dragons, Freddy Silva

My speculation:

As it turns out, IMO, the Anunnaki WERE the Atlanteans. They were a race of much taller people with technology more advanced than what we think we have today. In my view they were the survivors of the explosion of Tiamat, which is now the asteroid belt and mars was its moon. Several of earth’s catastrophes can be, or should be linked to pieces of that planet smashing into us: giant waves, and climate change and the settling and rebalancing of the solar system after Tiamat’s destruction. 

 Yes, they genetically modified us in a number of ways, but when their continent fell here, on this planet due to over using it – forcing energies the wrong way – they realized they better bring us up to speed because their chimeric creations were going to fail without their power sources – they already had transhuman creations working for them here, as they did on Tiamat. (psst – they’re trying to do it again… ahem) IMO, they were rather divided on how they felt about us and what they wanted to do with us. One camp rather liked us and when their island paradise fell they migrated all over the globe to help pickup the pieces after they destroyed it. The other camp found… other ways to survive… One might say we have the very basis for the creation of the white and black brotherhoods, right there. Either way they saw the handwriting on the wall and knew they would eventually by now, because of having to merge their bloodlines with us to survive (in their eyes), de-evolve.

The darker side of things tried to stave this off by keeping their gene pool pure – their blood lines, but eventually as their numbers died off this became problematic and created inbreeding that led to certain problems expressing themselves through psychological and physical means: psychopathy and hemophilia for example. But the idea that they were different and better became a part of their mythos, their psyche. A spiritual and religious tenet that is still very much alive today in those blood lines.

Next I caught an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt and Maria Zee

Where Dr. Merritt just happened mid interview to bring up bloodlines in relation to sensitivity levels to the covid/vax/bioweapon. It seems the only people mostly immune to it are the Ashkenazi bloodline which comprise most of the ruling classes and banker families, go figure. The gene is called ‘K26R’ which is detailed in a book called “The Covid Beast”. Dr. Merritt had a number of gems in this interview, its worth the listen.

This is a sad story. Possibly hundreds of thousands of years long. Its sad for what happened to Tiamat, its sad for this planet too because ‘they’ could possibly do it to this planet also, they are certainly trying. Only a small percentage of people really understand that they control the weather, they create tsunamis and earthquakes, they can even control whether the sun will hit us with a CME or not. They want to eliminate the bulk of us and use the rest as human cyborg servants again. They want their old life back… they don’t understand that long ago in the mists of time they became a part of the human race whether they like it or not and now they are going to have to learn to behave better or bear the consequences of their actions. A while back Cliff High did a video on the history of the Ashkenazi/Kazarians, he called them the ‘The Name Stealers’ as they were known awhile back – now I get it.

I’m sure I only got little bit of this right, if any, but now it is beginning to make some sense to me.

Ps. “The rest is all aliens.” as Dick Allguire says. I tend to agree.

2 thoughts on “The Story”

  1. Fancy projections don’t make them real. You confirm humans’ desperate want for fantasies.

    All of evil on earth can be explained by human conduct right here on earth. No need to resort to aliens, satan, and other illusions. Intimately familiarize yourself with “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” ….

    And as a typical fantasy creator you falsely and misleadingly direct your readers and yourself only onto one of these horrific pink elephants when in fact they are… MARRIED.


    1. IMO, it is impossible to understand the mind of a psychopath by trying to see through their eyes… It is alien to the point that there are no referents. But to combat the problems created by that kind of mind you must see it from the out. side. Do not expect any normalcy of any kind. Why is a non-sequitur, bc no referents. Especially when you understand they WANT to and ARE killing us off – from every direction. I simply wanted to ‘speculate’ – and stated it was a speculation. Anyway, lol its my blog. Yours is very nice.
      Never give up!


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