Temporal Wars

Woke to rolling thunder at 3ish. Only it wasn’t raining. Once I got out of bed it was gone. Strange. But the whole world has been strange lately, really strange.

I noticed a Mandela glitch in NCIS last night in the ending of one of the shows. I only noticed because my husband said that the ending was like a non sequitur. I thought about it and he was right. I remembered the ending as happening in the school, in the day light, but last night on the show it happened in the director’s office at night. Almost as if it was pasted on. I have watched and rewatched NCIS on Netflix over and over. So sue me, I like the show a lot and everything else except The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on TV right now is sheer garbage. So I noticed the change in the ending – I can almost quote dialogue. 

But I also woke up yesterday feeling the time line had moved again… its that weird ‘something is different but you can’t quite put your finger on it’ feeling. I am very familiar with it as it has been happening to me since the 1980’s. Its very disconcerting until you realize that it is real. It would happen on and off until 2008 when it started to happen frequently for a couple of years and then nothing except one or two times a year, until lately. That and having my subconscious mind yelling about waking up from my coma…well, it just adds to the strangeness. Why can’t I have a nice reasonable abduction or something other people will understand??? Its no wonder that I personally wonder about reality all the time. 

The energies have been very strange lately, back and forth and back and forth. The timeline swings (corrections?) have been small, but the one that happened on Sunday was rather annoyingly large and IMO backwards a bit. I fully expect a counter move soon that will bring it back the other way, which actually feels much better to me, more positive, less pressure locked. Anybody else tired of getting yanked around?

All of this reminds me of Sting’s song about how fragile we are. IMO, in August there will be no “aliens” (notice no caps because it is a derogatory term, used by stupid people) of any kind, because there is still too much fighting and money to be made to play that last card. Truth is, I think when the rest of this fuckery wakes the people up, (John Q. Public) to all of BS, what is going to matter, be our graduation test, is not what we do about it, but HOW we handle it. How we respond. In wisdom or woe.

Part of our story (time line) is the concealment and our eventual revealment of it to ourselves. Even more importantly, what we do with that information, how we integrate it into our story. Whether we erupt into fury, or take the wisdom and move on forward. (what is more important living, or revenge??) 

What goes around, comes around. Karma, physics (equal and opposite reaction) will take care of the fates of everybody: which side of that equation you gonna be on? I’ll be 70 in under a year and a half and I’d much rather watch a miracle before I leave this planet. I’d really love to leave miracles for my kids and grandkids and their kids. Jus say’in. 

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