One Hundred and Eighty Degrees

We’ve always been invaded. Where did we ever get the idea that we were alone? Insular? Singular? Turn it 180′ on its head, do a one-eighty and then it’s correct. Like most things today.

If you look at it that way, it all makes sense. In fact, the word ‘invaded’ is incorrect. This world is full of higher-order species we know nothing about. So, the very idea that we are the only ‘intelligent’ species on the planet is bogus. Like Bob Bigelow said, its all right under our noses.

Some species have been here longer than humans – they are more indigenous than we are. Like Lou Elizondo says, we aren’t at the top of the food chain on the planet. Some are just visiting, some are marauding, and some are helping.

And we think covid is the biggest psy-op of the century…. HA!

Its not that humans are stupid, we’re just gullible as hell. We are good at adapting and MacIvering shit – we’ve had to be to survive living on the surface for thousands of years. But, HERE WE ARE! And once again we have become so numerous, survived so well, that we have become a problem to somebody or some other life form(s) that live here too. (I count the psychopathic creators of the latest debacle of cv19 as a different species because they are missing half of what it means to be human)

And there are so many species! Indigenous and not. We all live here, have lived here for practically ever, in human reckoning as it is soon to be known. However, its obvious that we’ve pissed off somebody – or something, maybe scared them because we’ve reached a point in the natural evolution of the human race where it is inevitable that we come out of our sleep, our trance and wake up to all that is happening in, on, and around this planet. And we can either accept the fact that earth is a melting pot of many intelligent species, or revolt and have another thousand years of war and destruction and possibly the death of our lovely world. 

Or, we can open our eyes and see what’s in front of our noses, demand for ourselves the same rights, adjudicate past wrongs and write into existence a peace treaty to live together on this world. We work hard – we basically make this world run. We should at least get commensurate pay for what we do and equal rights and equal say, instead of being treated like slaves. We have a lot to offer and it would become obvious, if we weren’t so messed with. 

The fog we have lived in for the last six thousand years is lifting, even the deepest sleeper must awaken because the truth is becoming apparent. Yes, we will need redress for the wrongs, the lies, the actions of everybody – us included. Once we understand, life will be much, much better.

We are all going to have to learn at light speed and – ADAPT. Afterall, really, its what we do best. 

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